A Look At 2018

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Days since my last post: 3

It's funny isn't it, seeing how I've failed all my resolutions in 2017 from the wrap up and yet here I am again - fresh and ready to make resolutions for the year! Perhaps it's by tradition, but no year feels complete without something to look forward to and this year I'm peeking at possibly achievable choices such as...


Sorry I'm recycling this resolution but hopefully in 2018, my parental travel plans would come true because train fares are much more affordable for both my parents now. And if not now, when would we ever make memories as a family right? Right. Which is why I should keep this resolution alive and try to actually make it come true. Because my parents aren't getting any younger, my debts aren't getting any lesser, but we all deserve a break anyway.

I know I'm recycling this from 2017 as well, but I really want to see myself actually SPEAKING Japanese a little more because it feels like such a waste that I've made so much effort thus far to understand the basics and just stop right there. I'm considering a subscription to this site (I'm not sponsored by the way, it's expensive and they charge in USD) called Italki that I found from a YouTube video that allegedly lets you pick a native Japanese tutor for lessons at your convenience. We'll see, but either way please someone give me the will to be a student again!

Because news flash: I now own a home! Well co-own to be fair because my other half and I have purchased an abode of our own. We probably won't be there until the end of 2018, but that just means we have the entire year to do it up right - from the lighting to the flooring, or the electrical tracks or the furniture... let's do this. Or at least don't argue (too much) when we're doing it. Because hey, opinions can differ regardless how in love we are right?


Heavily inspired by my friend Tania from Sugoidays on this, but come 2018 where I have (so far) 2 trips lined up, I'm hoping to vlog at least one of them because I've never gotten to do anything like that. I am however quite lazy when it comes to video editing because my laptop is about 5 years old this year and it's pretty fried if I could say so myself, so we'll see how that goes. Does it count if I just Instastory everything?


I know this one sounds rather silly but in 2017, despite so much joy that happened through the year - I still found myself complaining to my other half or parents about a lot of things in life. Am I not happy? Could I find no contentment? I'd say at this moment that I don't really know. Maybe it's the environment I've been in on a daily basis, or the every little things that add up such as stress, tiredness, and generally being a fat blob. Could be, possible, I don't know. But I'd like to know as much that I'd be happy in 2018. To find a positive in a all negatives.

And that's it! 5 rather easy, or not kind of resolutions that I'm setting for year 2018. I'd also pop in "blog a lot more" if I could, but I know that's something I can't go promising. But I'll try if I could find something interesting enough to keep up to. Like my home renovation and such. Hopefully. So come ye, 2018. And a very Happy New Year to you, you, and you!

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