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Did you know that one of the best feelings in the world is to experience something you've always wanted to experience, and with someone you love too? Now put that thought in your head as I walk you through...

Ah you can't quite see it... 

Well that was a failed introduction, but it's actually Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel in Cheras. I've seen this place pop up in many gorgeous boutique staycation lists but there was never a reason enough for my other half and I to venture into that area of Klang Valley to validate a stay. When we did however, I knew I had to jump in on the opportunity and just do it.

A very welcoming lobby

Upon walking into the lobby of the hotel however, I could see why most lists had put them in there because it was just nothing short of gorgeous. The check-in staff in the day were pretty nice, though there was a staff at midnight who was a little apprehensive. We met a really nice lady when we checked-out the next morning however, so I guess it's really up to your luck on who's on duty.

Comfortable waiting areas

The hotel "lobby" featured a comfortable enough seating area as they settled on the check-in and check-out processes, as you can see from the look on my other half's face. Why I say "lobby" however is because Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel is in fact simply housed in a shop lot around the bustling area of Cheras' Taman Segar so it's more like a holding area than a real lobby per se.

Coffee and tea, if you'd like

The waiting area also features amenities such as coffee and tea, and a microwave if you're hungry for a quick meal in minutes. I was quite impressed with the use of a proper coffee machine instead of offering us 3-in-1 selections like most hotels do, though I didn't give it a whirl because we were going for a meal after the check-in.

Queen sized resting space

We picked the Deluxe Sky View Queen Room for the night because I thought it was pretty unique, and they don't have too many of those around town. In fact I think they've only got 2 of these rooms in this hotel if I'm not mistaken. I have to say however that the pillows offered at Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel are the devil's advocates because once you've plopped your head on one, you'll never want to get off it. It's so ridiculously comfortable that my other half insisted we pull them off the cases to find out the brand, but never did because they were customized to say "Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel". We should have just stole them. 

As much space as you'll need

The one thing you'll not be able to find in the room is a lot of space however, because it's really just a shop lot turned hotel - which means they've simply cordoned rooms off to maximize on space to get more rooms. It has everything you'll really need however, like the bed and this mini table and chair by the corner. Coffee and tea are available, and they provide you fresh drinking water in iconic IKEA glass bottles that you'd regularly see at hipster cafes.

A mini tub for those who loves a soak

What surprised me the most about the room however, was that it featured a mini tub in the bathroom. I mean, they really could have done without to make the space bigger but it was a cute addition. It's not very practical however because it is quite hard to climb into for a shower, and it's far too small to properly soak into. We also had issues with our shower because there was hardly any hard water despite cranking the heater up to the max, although the water pressure receives much needed praise. 

Skylight for that touch of natural

Now if you've noticed, I did mention that my room was the Deluxe Sky View Queen Room but I haven't quite mentioned the sky until now. That's right, despite the room not having a window, they had put up a glass ceiling for some natural sunlight to shine into the bathroom. It made the bathroom really comfortably bright, and at night it was gorgeous when we could look up to see the stars. No worries though because nobody is going to be able to look down at you, you'd be on the top floor of the shop lot and really if anyone is on the roof of the building, you'd think people would already notice.

Loved the hanging space

All in all, I could see why Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel has made itself prominent into most "must-stay boutique hotel" lists because it's nothing but gorgeous here. It has a certain classy charm to it, which makes for a rather comfortable stay and the little hidden features like a mini cooler under the tiny cabinet was a nice touch. I'd love to be back again should we have to venture into that area of Klang Valley, although parking can be an issue as they only have 2 lots that are available on first come, first served basis. Parking is rather scarce in the area unless you're okay to pay for parking in a multi-storey carpark cum food court that's set opposite the hotel, but there are otherwise no complaints for that staycation vibe to restart your week.

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