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When people ask me how is it that I can afford to travel so often, I'd return the favour by asking why not? Why not when you can cut down on expenses for interesting experiences while travelling, especially when it comes to your accommodation? Forget 5-star hotels with lobbies that burn aromatherapy oils, all you need is a clean and safe place to rest your head after going out the entire day. It's basically sleep, shower, explore, repeat when you're out there.

 Welcome to Hostel @ Thonglor.

That's why for my recent adventure to Bangkok, my other half and I booked our accommodation at Hostel @ Thonglor via Airbnb. Our requirements were simple - we wanted a space to rest easy at night, convenient to access, and was cheap for 2. We didn't mind bunk beds either, but at Hostel @ Thonglor, they also offered private rooms for two. Sold at RM 90 per night. That's only RM 45 per person, per night! 

Loved the idea of 2 beds put together as one.

I'll be honest: The bed was not made because I took this on the day we checked out instead of when we checked in. For starters, the idea of having 2 beds put together as one was really heavenly for the both of us because it meant we wouldn't bother the other when we turn our backs. Also, this meant we had 2 separate blankets like we do at home and I appreciate things like that. The bed was not too soft nor too stiff, though the pillows are better for those who likes 'em soft. My other half opted to take an extra pillow from the common room to sleep with. 

Loved my ceiling to floor glass windows for maximum light.

We didn't spend a lot of daytime in the room obviously, but I appreciated times when I could push away the curtains to get warm sunlight bask into the room through the ceiling to floor glass windows. For one I think it gets rid of smells in the room - mostly from our sweaty clothing from the previous day, and I'm just a sucker for brightly lit rooms. 

Just enough for whatever you need.

The room is as basic as it gets however, with 2 beds, a table, a towel rack for 2, and a cupboard if you plan to store your things. In the end I also had to convert random plastic bags into trash bags, but the space in the room was widely appreciated when I was packing up our days and days of shopping. It doesn't have an ensuite though, so you need to share that with whoever else was staying on the same floor as you. At any one time, you're probably sharing with 6 other people but as long as everyone keeps it clean, it's alright. It does feel rather eerie at night because it's not very well lit in the toilet, but how long are you going to stay in the toilet anyway?

Bright and clean pantry for all. 

Hostel @ Thonglor also features a really great pantry that's free for all to use, so long you keep it nice and clean after using it. They also provide fresh and really delicious bananas on a daily basis, and I made sure to grab one every morning before going out. Their WiFi was a little poor in the rooms however and I ended up using my own data through my stay. It could also get a little noisy at times because it's located around pubs and eateries that open till late but that only ensures that it's safe because you get people coming in and out every minute of the day. Don't worry about people entering the hostel though, they can only get into the hostel if they have access to the card key and female tourists can opt for a female-only dormitory if they feel much more comfortable.
It's only a 5-minute walk away from the Thonglor BTS which is a great plus, and you have access to about 7 different 7-Eleven stores within a 5-minute radius which is crazy. So would I get back to Hostel @ Thonglor? Absolutely! I mean, the location itself is to die for and the hosts are ridiculously friendly. They also allowed us to keep our luggage at the lobby before our check-in time at 3pm and after our check-out at 12pm, and assured us that it would be safely under their watch. 
To book the room I stayed in, click here or check out the rest of their listings through Airbnb! Oh and if you haven't got an Airbnb account, be sure to register through my link to get RM 105 off here!

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