Exploring Bangkok: Our First 2 Days

By Elie - 1:19 PM

Days since my last post: 13

Talk about being a lazy blogger, but it's been a whole month since I've come back from Bangkok and I wrote nothing about it to date except talk about my hostel. Which I miss tremendously, by the way. Here I am however, just to recount what we've done on our first 2 days!


Can't say you were in Bangkok till you a get a shot on that Platinum Mall bridge.

To kick start the trip, we decided to head to Platinum Mall first - a shopping haven that almost everybody visits when you're in Bangkok. Situated around the Pratunam area, Platinum Mall is where you'll get your clothes shopping therapy done and for a rather good price if you're good haggling...or looking out for nooks and crannies. 

Hand painted pouches.

One of my favourite purchases from Platinum Mall had to be these hand painted pouches that turned into souvenirs for several of my friends and my sister-in-law, and they had a rather decent price tag too. The shop is located at the top floor of zone 2 in Platinum Mall, and you'd die over the choices of bags, soft toys, and t-shirts that they have to offer inside. I ended up paying about 800 baht for 4 pouches with some minor haggling, but it's good to always have a thick skin and just start low.

Everyone's cliche Bangkok shot.

There are 2 ways to get to Platinum Mall if you're not living in the Pratunam area, both of which includes taking the BTS and walking a little. For one, you could get to Ratchatewi BTS station and then take a walk or go the smarter way via the Chit Lom BTS station, where you can then go through a skywalk through the Gaysorn Mall and pass CentralWorld. Both ways require a 15-minute walk so be prepared with rather comfortable shoes because that's what you'll be doing a lot. Walking. 

Hello collectors' heaven.

If you're not one for shopping and would love to spend your time looking out for collectors' items such as figurines, soft toys, and other little trinkets, you'd definitely fall in love with Mega Plaza. Spanning over 6 floors, Mega Plaza houses both limited edition and regular edition-ed items and most times are priced rather reasonably. A little haggling is definitely recommended, but try not to go too low as vendors here are a little less than friendly.

This sadly costs 5,500 baht.

I was tempted to part with my money quite a few times, but remembered that I was soon going to move and the house isn't that big after all. So pictures will do, and perhaps if we're fated I'll go back and get what I really want anyway. Additionally, they also sell cameras and BB Guns at the plaza but you'll have to check on your immigration allowances if you're buying those guns at Mega Plaza.

Drool now, Gundam lovers. Drool.

My other half did get himself a rather good Gundam set for about 700 baht at a store, and we ended up with great brick deals at 200 baht a box. The bricks were definitely not original and were just replicas of the recently well-sought after JECKA bricks but the Gundam sets available were the real deal and my other half would be glad to vouch for it.

Until we meet again, Moogle.

Sadly, it's impossible to get to Mega Plaza without a car and it's pretty out of the way from all central places but if you're a true collector who needs to satisfy your cravings for some rather great collectibles, it's really just a GRAB ride away. As a bonus however, it's rather near Yaowarat - Bangkok's very own Chinatown so maybe you could plan your itinerary as such that you'll make your way to Yaowarat for dinner after Mega Plaza? After all, you'll need the fuel after walking through the mall.

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