Malacca Series: Layang-Layang Guest House

By Elie - 6:03 PM

Days since my last post: 15 

If I ever had a middle name, it must really be "procrastination" because this post has been well overdue. Better late than never however, because today I'm out to talk about the guesthouse I stayed at while I was in Malacca!

It actually means "Kite" Guest House, by the way

Having been a last minute decision to go over to Malacca by bus, my other half and I had to quickly pick out any place that caught our eye for our 2 night stay. I've seen this guest house pop up on my Agoda recommendations quite a few times actually, but I never got around to thinking about staying here because they didn't offer parking spaces. That was a downside to me initially as my other half and I mostly drive ourselves around, but since we decided to take the bus this time around, staying here wasn't an issue. 

Our queen sized bed

We picked out the standard room with windows that came with a queen sized bed and featured a mini table with rattan chairs...but that was all that was in the room. That's right, minimalism seems to be key at Layang-Layang Guest House, or perhaps it's just how they keep prices low at such a key area as being right behind Jonker Street. 

Our said mini furniture that quickly became bag space

Toilets were on sharing basis, and unfortunately for the 2 days we were there, they were mostly dirty and grimy - something I fear most when it comes to hostels. It's like a nightmare come true. They also didn't provide enough bath gels and shampoo so I wasn't exactly in my cleanest over the 2 days I was in Malacca. Separately, you'll have to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste here but clean towels are happily provided to you. 

Gorgeous patio

The surroundings of Layang-Layang Guest House remains gorgeous - an ode to what you really do see in pictures. I am however sad to note that the walls are rather thin and because they chose to build their upper floor with wooden planks, it does get pretty noisy whenever anyone walks around. Myself included because our room was the one upstairs. We were unfortunate to have encountered noisy neighbours on our second night - a group of ladies who were screaming, shouting, and laughing until wee hours of the night. It was amusing when someone from a different room finally had enough and scolded that group for all the noise they were making. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for group trips and memories made but if you're staying at the hostel then the least you should do is to respect that there are other people staying there too. 

Before we left

The WiFi at Layang-Layang Guest House was neither good nor bad, but I realized that using my DiGi connection did give me quicker Netflix-ing when it came to my pre-bed time entertainment. As an overall, you are getting your money's worth when you book a room at Layang-Layang Guest House, but I would have appreciated any form of noise control for a better night's rest. Their location is spot on though - being just 1 lane behind Jonker Street so you're in the middle of the chaos when you choose to walk out to it or just hide away to silence when you're too tired. 

Would I return? Sadly it's a yes and no. I mean, the price and location are really great things to consider when you're thinking of a staycation and especially if you're not driving because again - they do not provide car parks, but they do have their downsides what with the noise and those grimy toilets. Perhaps if those improved then we'd be back. But until then, to the next hostel around Malacca we go!

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