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Sometimes when I go on a break, I question myself. Will I ever finish blogging about it? At the rate I'm going, perhaps it'll take a while for me to catch up on things that even happened in April but hopefully I'll quit being lazy. Or when I get great drinks once again like the ones I had at...

Always crowded - The Daily Fix.

Located smack in the middle of Jonker Street and at the back areas of a souvenir shop lies The Daily Fix - a famed cafe that almost everyone wants to visit and having been there twice during this Malacca trip that I took, it's not that difficult to see why. For starters, they've got killer hipster decorations around the entire area.

Like this rattan chair I would love to have in my own house in the future.

But I hear you, what good is a place with good decor if the food isn't up to par? The surprise is however, The Daily Fix does dish out pretty good grub at a regular cafe pricing. I'd put it in a range of RM 15 to RM 30 per person when you visit, depending on what your poison is. From mains to desserts to unique coffee blends and non-caffeinated drinks, the menu gets extensive and has a slight Malaccan touch to it. I'll explain why in a bit. 

Smoked duck aglio olio.

Like I said, we took 2 visits to The Daily Fix but let's go by clumping the food categories together. Off their main menu, we ordered the smoked duck aglio olio to share and were rather surprised that it came with two slices of toast. I thought it was pretty unique and portion wise it was decent for 2. The smoke duck was done perfectly with a great ratio of meat and fat, which is something I rarely say because I don't enjoy eating fat from my meats. It was tender and juicy, and the aroma of the smoked duck would linger after every bite. The pasta was done al dente as expected and the slight zing of lime that came with the dish added a good twist to the otherwise garlicky and slightly spicy aglio olio. It wasn't overly oily or too dry, which to me deserves two thumbs up as is. 

Local pandan pancake. 

Over to the dessert page, we ordered the local pandan pancake on our first day and it was served hot and fluffy after about 20 minutes of waiting. The local pandan pancake supposedly boasts extracts from pandan leaves and is served with a dip of gula Melaka and coconut shavings. I also found several pandan slivers in the dip, and it gave a nice touch of aroma to it. We opted to also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to our order and it blended so well together. For someone who's not too big on coconut shavings, I loved the dip to no ends and almost had to fight my other half for the remainder of the dip towards the end. I thought we could have used more of that, especially given how aromatic the gula Melaka was. 10/10 would order again. 

Salted egg yolk pancake.

On our second visit, I picked out the salted egg yolk pancake that I had eyed from the first day on. I thought I really needed to give this a try and it came after about a 30 to 45 minute wait, but there was absolutely no regrets. The savoury salted egg yolk had bond so well with the sweet and fluffy pancakes and vanilla ice cream that my head couldn't quite wrap if this was a dessert or a main on its own. I guess it's a bit of both and is ideal for anyone who wants desserts as mains. The salted egg yolk sauce was served slightly warm and was thick, almost creamy but had the right consistency to avoid being labelled as cloying. 8/10 would re-order because I still think the local pandan pancake was done better. 

The Daily Fix's Affogato.

And onwards to our drinks! On our first visit, my other half had their affogato that came with a double shot of espresso and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was odd however that the vanilla ice cream didn't taste much like vanilla ice cream, but rather had a hint of rock melon in it. This resulted in a pleasant twist to the affogato, not too bitter, not too sweet, and my other half lapped it off before I could even have a second sip. 

Earl grey iced chocolate.

On our second visit, I finally picked out the earl grey iced chocolate that was listed under "Special drinks" at The Daily Fix just because it said earl grey. In case you didn't know, I love everything and anything earl grey. I love the robust taste of it, and how it always had this distinctive scent of bergamot oil. The earl grey iced chocolate at The Daily Fix however is something I would definitely re-order but I'd ask for less ice because it was rather watered down towards the end. At first sip, there is this smooth and milky chocolaty taste with a slight aroma of earl grey that kicks in a little later which makes it a rather easy drink to take in even for non earl grey lovers. About 7/10 to re-order because it was really quite pricey. My other half had their regular latte but he said it was like every other latte out there, nothing to shout about. 

The perfect kind of getaway.

For 2 people spanned over 2 visits, I'd say we spent quite a bit at The Daily Fix. Having tried it however, we are considering to return - mainly for the local pandan pancake but would rethink if it's worth the price paying over their coffee. For those who has never been to The Daily Fix, you'd have to expect a ridiculously long wait and not mind to share tables if you really must. They often have a waiting list where you can leave your name and number of people dining, but you can't leave the area as they won't call your mobile. The consolation is that the staff are mostly friendly and helpful, and often apologetic for the crowd and wait.Visit at your own patience, but I'd suggest to go at least once in your life. For that local pandan pancake. Yes.

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