Let's Do This 2019 Thing

By Elie - 3:30 AM

Days since my last post: 2 

As with tradition, you get a wrap up and you get a good start! Good being kind of relative, I mean it's supposed to be good but we all know it's the same story on a different day. But hey, new year new you, no?

How you doin' 2019

As with last year, I think I ought to keep my resolutions short and simple because I foresee turbulent times ahead. This could be the year we're making moves. This could be the year we're staying put. And I guess either way, this could be the year for anything and everything to make their mark anyway! So in 2019, let's try...


I'm not changing this for rather obvious reasons - I may be shifting to a new home with my other half in 2019. With that possibly set in the 2nd half of the year, I would like 2019 to continue being a year I can dedicate time to be with my parents because this will be where my heart always is. Home with my old ones in our torn and tattered pajamas, laughing away at some random movie my dad probably found on TV. Life just doesn't get any better.


Yes, let's walk down the typical resolution route of losing weight! But hey, I'm at my heaviest in life and I think this should be the year I need to start watching it as I'm stepping into my late 20s. I'm coupling this with the fact that once we move, I would have unlimited access to the condominium's gym and pool so hopefully something works out well for me. In fact if all else fails, I'd still have the boxing game on the Nintendo Switch...right?


And here we go again! I'm just going to put this here in hopes that my Japan trip in May will make me do something about my already broken Japanese in 2019. Will I do this? I'd really hope so, seeing as that there is a language school rather close to my office right now. Then maybe for once during my wrap up by the end of the year, I can finally say I've learned something this year.


Some time through 2018, I didn't know what I was doing anymore. Life either became too busy or too mundane to remember, and I just felt like the entire year had passed me by. I came to realize that I had nothing to truly look back on because I just didn't see it important enough to jot it down somewhere? But does it matter? Maybe yes, maybe not. I'm just thinking it would be nice to just see it again someday, so hopefully I can make that happen come this year. In fact, this would make the blog what it used to actually be right? A little space that people used to liken to as a diary instead of a marketing space. We'll see. 


Because it's just something that sounds so exciting right now. To have our own humble abode and realize that this is what it's like to be married. When we have our mini disagreements on the colours of the walls, or whether or not the sofa should be put at a certain direction, I think 2019 will hold rather trying times for my other half and I. Hopefully though, when it all comes together and we sit down one night looking at the home we've built, we will realize it's all worth it. 

There we go! 5 resolutions, 2 almost impossible and 3 that I'd have to really work on. What do you think holds for you in 2019?

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