Year 2 & We're Abroad

By Elie - 11:00 AM

Days since my last post: 19 

It's been 3 weeks, my little space! I've been meaning to write in you for a while now but I tend to note my thoughts and pieces in my phone at midnight, and then wake up and forget about them again. Maybe...just maybe I should start extracting them for you!

But before all of that is going to happen, this is happening:

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my other half! 

It's actually 11:11AM as I write this now, and nothing gives me better satisfaction than knowing that. I remember waking up 2 years ago on this day in KL thinking about how the day would go on, and how we'd also turn imperfect things perfect. Because that's what a marriage is all about. Turning the bad into alright, and the okays to great just as long as we're together on this. 

To my other half who has brought us on this adventure abroad, I hope you know that I'll always have your back through every decision you make. From our midnight rubbish talks to our random life discussions, I'm really glad I decided to say yes to you. We're not sure what lies ahead of us here in Europe but come what may and we'll just trek on through! 

I hope we'll always remember having bak kut teh in our little studio on the day before our anniversary in 2019. Here's to more soups on cold nights, mountains of sharks in our bed, and freezing feet under the covers. 

And thank you, for everything.

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