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By Elie - 12:58 PM

Days since my last post: I'm not that good in math and so I've lost count.

Hello blog space! Been a while since I've had the time to sit down and write in you, especially since I now work at one of the busiest and most popular coffee chain in the world. Most times I'm home and really looking forward to the bed, but I guess that's what retail does to anyone. But tired as I may be, I'd love to keep traditions alive and that is to always do a resolution wrap up for the year.

Now for starters, I definitely didn't come into 2019 thinking I'd be moving halfway across the world with my other half. I mean we did talk about the possibilities of leaving Malaysia, but the places that came in mind were still in Asia like Singapore or maybe Hong Kong at some point of time. And then along the year came big decisions and changes so if I didn't hit my resolutions for this year, would I be forgiven?


Us on the Penang Ferry!

Us adding onto my fats in Penang!

I think most of this was extremely fueled by the fact that I was going to move to Europe with my other half, and so my parents and I took all the opportunities we could to travel together. Not pictured are days when I was working from home for about half of the year thanks to the job I had taken up after February, but those days we spent together huddled at the dining table with our electronics were fun on its own too. It's probably not a very popular opinion in today's society, but I think traveling with parents is a really fun experience. If anything, I really do look forward to going back to Malaysia (fingers crossed) next year just so we could go somewhere again!


Tokyo, 2019

I'm only going to list this under a half-hit because I don't think I really nailed it in the head, but I realized that I was way more open to speaking Japanese during our trip to Japan in May. In fact I went on a complete crash course a month prior to the trip, taking up any possible Japanese learning possibilities - from apps to movies to websites with free name it and I was trying it. So did I truly pick up Japanese in 2019? I'd say a yes and no because I've already forgotten about 80% of what I've learned during my crash learning. I'll try harder. 


My sharks infiltrating the cabinets of our home

This resolution sits under my half-hit list because I still find it super funny when I think about it. You see, I wrote this with our KL home in mind because we knew we wanted to move in together in 2019. And with that we had the trips to IKEA, the appointments with the kitchen people, the electrician, and so on...only to abandon all our plans to move to Europe. So how exactly did I hit this? Well we're kind of preparing a home together here in Europe now, aren't we? Granted the studio comes inclusive of furniture but I believe that that's really just a stepping stone and us being here to add touches of "us" in it is the true meaning of turning this house into a home. Together.


Chubs on my birthday, chubs all the way

This, to nobody's surprise had obviously failed in such painful depths. In fact when I first moved to Europe I thought I'd actually still make it because I'm walking so much on a daily basis! From home to the trams, to grocery shopping and job hunting...I'm just still chubby. Perhaps it's just been a chubby decade for me. 


I mean, need I say more? The fact that this wrap up is my only update in December speaks for itself doesn't it?


But ultimately, this is it. Today marks not just the end of the year, but of the decade that I've come to grow so much. In this decade I've entered college and I left it. I got into several jobs, and then I left them all. I got into relationships, I broke up, but in the end I also got married. I bought a home, and then I moved to Europe. I saw both my grandparents pass away, and I saw my parents growing old. I made a ton of friends in this decade, but I also lost a number of them along the way. 

In this decade we've all been through changes, but we've all braved through them as well. From the darkest of nights to the brightest of days, from the times we thought we'd never make it to the moments we wished would never end. From the good, to the bad, and perhaps the ugly, I just wanted to say thank you and goodbye to the 2010s. Thank you and goodbye for everything these years have brought to me, to you, and to everyone. You've been nothing but an amazing roller coaster ride, but now it's time for us to get on a different one. 

Adieu, 2019. Adieu, 2010s. I hope you had a great time too.

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