The Year Was 2020: Resolution Wrap-up

By Elie - 2:07 PM

The year was 2020. Everyone had such big hopes for this year and a sudden global pandemic hit, so here we are in the blink of an eye! I think 2020 was probably the most unaccomplished year for a lot of us, and it comes as no surprise that my resolution for the year came to a complete halt. 

Sunset shenanigans before the lockdown in Amsterdam happened

But as with every year, here I am to wrap up my resolutions for 2020 in hopes that 2021 will be better. So are we ready? Well, probably. If you need a refresher, here were my resolutions for 2020: CLICK!


To be fair, I'm going to give myself some credit to say it's been a terrible year for most people in the jobseeker's department. I've had friends who have been retrenched following the pandemic, some who couldn't find replacements, some who went on to greater things, and some who - like myself, just never made it out. 2020 hit so many industries and threw everyone off balance, but I'm really hoping 2021 treats us better. If you're looking for a job, please don't give up. We'll get there, together.


In case you couldn't tell, I stole this picture from my Instagram stories.
I'm also not a very good student.

I'm glad to say my other half and I tried attending some lessons earlier in the year, pre-Coronavirus. Our classes were fun, and we tried conversing with each other ever so often but I never got too fluent with it. I can, however, now order my kibbeling in Dutch so I'll take it as a half win. I'm pretty sure I should work on this more in 2021. I mean, we do have a whole series of Dutch books! 


Taken on my birthday, cause that's the closest we got!

Like my job situation, I don't think failing this was my fault per se. My other half and I were quite sure we wanted to go back for a holiday around this time of the year but the Coronavirus situation both in the Netherlands and Malaysia didn't make sense for us to travel.

However, we did spend way more time on video calls this year and that was probably because we were all bored. Being stuck in our respective homes meant that there was nothing much you could do on the daily, so video calling and gossiping became a way for everyone to while away time. I'll take that as a half hit on this resolution.


Clearly social distancing does not apply in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When I first made this resolution, I had no idea that Nintendo was releasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in April. It also took my other half a a lot of convincing before I was willing to put in a considerable amount to purchase the game and once I did, I never stopped playing. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a daily part of my life - quite literally. It's just one of those games that has about half an hour of my attention everyday, and I love it.

Here's to my pet project

In my 2020 resolution, I also mentioned giving my Gunpla hobby a little more love, so I made a timelapse of me building a set I brought from Malaysia. Making this video taught me so much patience and careful planning, and while the results were not 100% to my expectations, I won't deny how much I enjoy watching it. I've run out of Gunpla sets here in the Netherlands though, so the next time I can make another video is if I go back to Malaysia and bring another set over. It's just way too expensive to buy them locally in Amsterdam.

Sadly, this is the second year in a row that I've failed to come by with monthly updates for the blog. While I did give my blog space a facelift this year, I couldn't keep up to what I said I'd love to do - to update the blog on the monthly on what I'm doing. Instead, most of updates turned into a compilation of what I did by the quarter, presumably because I didn't have much done this year after all. 

Will I still make this my resolution for 2021? I haven't quite put that in thought yet because I have no idea what I want to achieve in the year to come. We're about 21 days away from the new year, so I've got those 3 weeks to put my mind into big brain mode. But I guess, we'll just have to wait and see what comes to mind within the next 3 weeks!

Thanks, 2020. I guess.

So yeah, that's about it for 2020, I guess. It's been quite a ride this year, and if you've made it all the way here, then congratulations because you've survived! We were all hoping for a great start to the decade and making great things considering it's vision 2020 and stuff, but I guess the universe had better plans for us. Here's to hoping we'll have a better next year, fingers crossed to a successful vaccine, and may everyone achieve what they want in 2021 instead!

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