That One Snow Day in Amsterdam

By Elie - 4:50 PM

Hey blog space, it snowed on the 16th of January 2021!

And I got to see it for the first time in my life! 
That's right - like every other excited person in the Netherlands yesterday, I got to see snowfall for the first time yesterday. No thanks to climate change, snowing in the Netherlands has been a rare occurrence these years, with many Dutch locals noting that winter has never been the same since. Although I had fully expected some snowfall last year, it didn't happen according to plan and we had nothing but strong winds and rain.
Honestly though, snow tastes like water but they're cooler.
So imagine my joy yesterday when we finally saw the snowfall - it looked pretty magical, but I'd say it was a really wet situation. Perhaps we didn't know what to expect, but my other half and I rushed out of the house so quick that we had forgotten our beanies and gloves respectively. We had our regrets considering how cold it felt, but the experience was well worth the temperatures we had to brave. 

We also made a snowperson! 

And thus I bid goodbye to my hands in the freezing cold. 

I know this may seem trivial to a lot of people, but it was our first snowfall after all and it felt just as magical as you'd see on TV. Granted, we couldn't lay on the ground for snow angels but we did manage to make a little snowman with what little snow accumulated on the public benches. I'm also going to give big props to my other half for picking up the sticks to give my snowperson hands and a face, because it completed him like the perfect little snowperson he is.

I made a tiny snowperson! 

While we quickly retreated home after making our first snowperson, we decided to make the most of what would be the first and last snowfall of the year by heading out at 2AM. You're reading that right - we stepped out in the freezing cold for another round of snow time! It was obviously crazy in our part, but the quiet night made the experience just a little more special for us to enjoy.

Midnight gallivanting the streets of Amsterdam.

Today as I'm typing this, most of the snow on the streets have already melted into puddles of water or frozen into slippery ice. Was I glad I sacrificed some sleep time to see the snow at night? Absolutely! This has, after all, been our first experience in the snow and we'll never know when we can see it again.

Also a bonus, I brought my stuffed toy dog outside.

So this one's for the memory book, to that one snow day in Amsterdam. It was a fantastic experience through and through, and fingers crossed we would get to see this magical sight again in the future. 
P/S: I may want to make a bigger snowperson too!

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