7 of the Most Breathtaking Lakes Across Australia

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With borders reopening from country to country, our passports are undoubtedly seeing the light again as we make plans for that long-awaited escapade. But whether you’ve already planned out your destination or you’re just looking for somewhere to go, there’s one marvel that you absolutely cannot miss in this world and that is the lakes across Australia.

So get ready to pack your bags, cause I’m gonna take you through 7 of the Most Breathtaking Lakes Across Australia! 

Lake Eyre, South Australia

At the top of my list sits Lake Eyre - or more officially the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre located within the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park. It’s the largest salt lake of the country, with its lake basin crossing four state and territory borders. 

Unlike most locations, Lake Eyre mostly runs dry - save for some heavy rain that falls every few years. Despite this, the salt landscape that is leftover by the drying water continues to make it breathtaking. If you’re into stargazing, Lake Eyre also makes for that perfect spot with zero light pollution so you can almost literally shoot for the stars.


Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

True to its name, Blue Lake is one of the four gorgeous crater lakes located at Mount Gambier. This natural phenomenon can be mostly seen between December to March, though its colour will change to a grey-ish hue as the seasons change too. While this makes picking out the time to visit Blue Lake crucial, the sights that await as you make your way through the 3.6-kilometre Blue Lake Circuit to see the lake will be worth it.

Photo by Charles G on Unsplash

With the volcano’s last eruption dating some 5,000 years ago, the town mostly counts on water from the Blue Lake as its water source. This, however, means that as tempting as it is to freshen up in the Blue Lake after that hike, it is off-limits to swimmers. That’s right, Blue Lake is all see and no touch but it’s still as breathtaking as every other lake across the land Down Under.


Lake Eacham, Queensland

Listed as a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list of Wet Tropics, Lake Eacham is one of the main lakes in Australia. Its origins date back over 9,000 years ago, though the breathtaking views of this volcanic lake still wows guests of today. 

Photo by WeSeekTravel

Beyond that, Lake Eacham is also known as the lake to be if you’re looking for various activities to fill your day. Whether you’re looking to cool off with a swim or go kayaking while bird watching, you’ll always find something in your to-do list while you’re there. As a plus, Lake Eacham also boasts some wheelchair-friendly amenities so it’s accessible with assistance.


Lake Hillier, Western Australia

If you’re really into a unique lake on your trip to Australia, you wouldn’t want to pass up on the chance to visit Lake Hillier. Although it only measures 600 meters in length, what makes Lake Hillier breathtaking is its pink hue that not even the scientists can explain.

Photo by Atlas Obscura

Surrounded by lush eucalyptus and paperback trees, this lake looks exceptionally beautiful from the skies as it’s set next to the Pacific Ocean, giving you a contrasting look of blues, greens, and pink that’ll make the perfect addition to your social media feeds. Swimming in the lake is technically safe and allowed, but you’d first need approval from the Western Australia Department of Environment Conservation so maybe it’s best to just enjoy the sights instead.


Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory

But why stop at pink lakes when you can also visit Lake Amadeus that’s surrounded by red dirt - turning the lookout into a colourful sight of reds, whites, and blues to behold? Known as the largest salt lake of the Northern Territory, Lake Amadeus of the Amadeus basin features numerous dry lakes across its 180-kilometer long and 10-kilometer wide radius. 

Photo by Viator.com

As the areas of Lake Amadeus are usually dry, you may occasionally spot herds of wild camels strolling down the salty plains. Lake Amadeus is always best seen from the skies as you can then marvel at the patterns of the lake that nature has to offer.


Lake St Clair, Tasmania

Lake St Clair is the deepest freshwater lake in Australia, measuring at 160 metres. Taking over two million years to form, the lake is breathtakingly cradled by nature as the slow-moving glaciers slowly carved Lake St Clair into becoming the tourist attraction it is today.

Photo by Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service 

Located at the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Lake St Clair is often the end destination for bushwalkers trailing the iconic Overland Track. Once you’ve made it, a refreshing dip in the lake may await or if you’re lucky then you may spot an echidna or two. Be warned though that walking to Lake St Clair can take up to 6 days on average, but it’s a great place to be if you’re looking to unwind from bustling cities and the stresses of life.


Blue Lake, New South Wales

Not to be confused with the Blue Lake of Mount Gambier, this cirque lake can be found while walking to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. It was formed around 10,000 years ago when a glacial erosion of the Ice Age happened and can go as far as 28 metres deep. 

Bonus: A frozen Blue Lake in the winter

Photo by Stefan Karpiniec, courtesy of Wikipedia

In the winter, the area around the Blue Lake often gets covered in snow and quite occasionally, you’ll see the Blue Lake freeze over. This causes the water in the Blue Lake to feel cool even in summer, which makes for a rewarding swim if you’ve climbed your way to this area. If you’re content with just a view of the lake, then you’ll want to make your way to the Blue Lake lookout of the Kosciuszko National Park where you can appreciate the stunning views of the lake and its surroundings at a go.

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