We've Moved - From Amsterdam to Amsterdam

By Elie - 9:30 PM

Phew! I've made it before the month ends to drop a post but it's also one I never thought I'd make - and that's the 5 thing we learned from moving. That's right, my unexpected radio silence on the blog is mostly attributed to the fact that my other half and I have moved to a bigger home in Amsterdam. 

When we first moved in!

Having survived the Covid-19 lockdown in our studio, we quickly began to realize how we needed the space upgrade when I too got a job that allowed me to work from home. While the hybrid situation meant either of us could occasionally pop into our respective offices, the comfort of working in home clothes can be too tempting to fight especially in cold mornings. And so we began looking for a new place to be. 

That is, until we found one in June!

As I'm writing this, we've finally moved into our new place surrounded by what feels like endless boxes of items to unpack. Due to time and financial constraints, we simply found it easier to move everything into the new apartment and live in the mess while sorting it out. This was opposed to the option of slowly moving in and having everything well arranged from the get-go, which may be a good thing because we now know what we need and what we don't as we run through the moving boxes. 

This post was meant to be a really short update simply to document the date of our unofficial move, but also here's to the mountains of IKEA furniture we've get to build! Wish me luck!

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