London Revisited: The Day We Walked Across Tower Bridge

By Elie - 11:40 AM

I'm back for another London Revisited! Though it's been a month since we've returned from our spontaneous trip to the UK, I'd constantly find myself looking through pictures only to realize that I did do something pretty new this trip...

And that was to walk across Tower Bridge!

Tower Bridge - very often misunderstood as the infamous London Bridge, has been a London must-see for the longest time. For many first-time and returning visitors, there were a few landmarks that symbolized your return to the city for its sights and not-so-pleasant smells. And let's not even talk about the sounds from the Underground tracks. But one such landmark, was the Tower Bridge.

When I first wrote about my trip to the Tower Bridge in 2015, I offhandedly mentioned that you could purchase a ticket for £9 and you'd be able to visit this historic suspension bridge from 1894. Unfortunately, I'd only just started working back then I'd scrutinize every pound I spent in London. Fast forward 7 years later though, I've finally made my way up to the bridge for a view like no other. 

On a really beautiful day in London too! 

Fitted with window openings and glass floors to make your walkthrough even more exciting, your journey across the Tower Bridge begins from what is known as the North Tower. Guests get to choose between climbing up 206 steps to get to the top or simply take the elevator all the way. We obviously chose the latter.

People felt like ants

Once you're up there, you'll be greeted by staff members who would play you a quick clip of how Tower Bridge came to be. Watching this clip is optional, though people who braved the 206 steps up the North Tower absolutely welcomed the break. Looking down the glass floor of the Tower Bridge was something not everyone would dare to do, especially if you have a fear of heights. Set 44m above the river, I found it interesting how people looked so tiny below my feet. 

A passing boat

Midway through our self-guided tour of the Tower Bridge, a friendly staff member quickly informed everyone that they were lifting the bridge for a barge to ass through. Of course, this wasn't the most rare occasion since they actually have a Bridge Lift schedule available for you to check online but we weren't aware of it when my other half and I visited. 

And with that, we quickly sat ourselves by the glass floor to watch the bridge lift and give way to what I believe was the Sailing Barge Gladys. Though the experience only lasted a few minutes while we were on the bridge, we could see that traffic on-ground was halted for a good 5 to 10 minutes as it took time for them to clear the roads and begin the lift. It was all very exciting and I'd happily watch it again from a different angle if we go back again. 

Living up the touristic picture

Hello from Tower Bridge!

Unlike my trip to the Big Ben, I couldn't completely re-create my picture by the Tower Bridge from 2015 as we were on the other side of the river. However, this was as close as we got and I wasn't even mad since it was an amazingly sunny day in London. This rarity was good enough to make anyone's day better when you're in the UK. 

Visiting the Tower Bridge regularly costs £11.40 per person, with discounted tickets for children aged 5 to 15 and senior citizens. If you're traveling via the National Rail, you may even take advantage of the 2FOR1 deal where you pay £11.40 for 2 visitors - which was what we got. Tickets included the trip up the North Tower, a walk across the glass floors of the suspended walkway, and entry to the engine room located 5 minutes away from the Tower Bridge itself. 

A worthy visit

On a nice day, taking a trip up the Tower Bridge grants you amazing views over the River Thames - much like what you see above. You'll find certain sections of the bridge with windows that you can push open to take pictures, so you don't get glass reflections in your shot. Ultimately, I do find the Tower Bridge a worthy visit if it's your first or even second time in London. Coming on a sunny day will also do you good, otherwise you probably won't see much except the rain clouds looming over the city.

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