Thankful For Thirty

By Elie - 2:40 PM

Thirty. A number that once felt so far away when I started this blog space has since decided that it's time to say hello...

And I'm thankful for well as to be able to fit in my college t-shirt from 11 years ago.

This year - unlike the past 3, I've been blessed enough that I could spend it with my family. No thanks to the pandemic, my hopes and dreams of coming back to Malaysia had been hampered time and time again since I left in 2019. But I knew that had to change as I turn 30. 

And so, despite having to be at the Schiphol Airport 5 hours before my flight, queueing for 2 hours just to pass security, and traveling for 17 hours with a layover in Singapore, we thought it was just the right moment to make it home. Sure, a lot has changed since I've gone but there are things that still remain - such as the heat in Malaysia, the food that's going to ensure I won't be able to wear that IACT College t-shirt anymore, and the love I've received from my friends and family since arriving.

The next 2 months of being home are going to be moments I will treasure a lot, but ultimately, I'm just thankful for everything. For being alive, for being loved, for having the people I have with me, for the memories we're going to make, and for being thirty today.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some nasi lemak to finish.

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