Working From Malaysia: The ImJerry.La Experience

By Elie - 2:30 AM

Hello from Malaysia! Honestly it feels so surreal that I've made it back and I'm already returning to Amsterdam so soon...but more about that sometime later. Because today, I need - read, NEED to talk about the coworking spot called

Oh and for disclaimers' sake: This is not a sponsored post. I've paid to work at Jerry thrice now and I'm low-key sad that I won't be there again anytime soon.

And since that's the case, here's a selfie from when I was at Jerry!

So, what is Jerry? Simply put, it's an extremely fuss-free coworking spot that's seemingly mushrooming in most KL hotspots at this point and I'm super amazed by it. It's also the sister (or should I say brother?) company to the otherwise luxurious Colony Coworking, only way more simple, a whole lot more affordable, and downright recommended. 

Simplicity appreciated

Access per person starts at RM 30 (before taxes) for a day pass, which is perfect for people who want to try the space out without full commitments. Of course, they also have deals for monthly or yearly office rentals but I was only going to be in Malaysia for 2 months and was mostly working from home anyway. 

The only times I'd be at Jerry is if I knew I had a dinner to go to after dinner and didn't want to be late for it because Jerry's locations are impeccable to say the least. Here, I tried the Jerry Coworking Space at TTDI.

Just the basics

But make it safe

Unlike most coworking spots that promise you the luxuries of fancy offices and amenities, Jerry prides itself in giving you nothing but literally the bare bones of what you'll need to work. A table, a chair, and 2 plug points. You're given a private room sized depending on how many people you need it for - in my case just for 1, and high speed wi-fi access for up to 6 devices. 

And when I say basic, I mean it

While I had a friend mention that the single room looked like a prison cell when I first posted this picture on Instagram, I appreciated that the place didn't come with fancy carpeting or unnecessary fluff that would have otherwise jacked the prices up. After all, these are literally the things you need to get shit done. 

And speaking of...matters

Toilets at Jerry are non-gender specific, I suppose as a way to save on space and cost. It was surprisingly clean and well equipped with sufficient toilet paper and a bidet for hygiene, while the sink area was kept dry despite being shared by what could have been more than 20 rooms.

Jerry with a friend

And since my first visit to their Taman Tun branch, I've made it a point to try another Jerry spot - like this one in Damansara Uptown with a close friend of mine. We rented a 2-person room this time and found ourselves sitting back to back from each other. This obviously didn't stop us from having a good day of working and chatting, though I would have better appreciated having our tables side by side. 

That may have been the one downside to Jerry - and that is that you don't get to choose your room or seat orientation. You do get to pick if you'd like a window to your room for an extra RM 15 - something which we didn't opt for but were assigned a room with a really tiny window instead. What a win! 

Common spaces available 

And a pantry for all your bare necessities

And finally for the shared spaces: You'll find a common area at every entrance of Jerry as well as a pantry where water is available. A microwave that can be freely used is provided, while you'll have to remember to label your name and room on your food if the fridge is to be used. The entire space is really clean and I was really impressed by the work being put into keeping it that way.

Overall, I have to say that I'm pleasantly happy to have discovered the Jerry Coworking Space concept, with the fact that you can just book day passes without extreme commitments being a huge plus. Some other coworking spaces have since offered day pass deals as well, but they often come with a steep price tag and you'd be pushed into a shared open space for work. At Jerry, you get your personal room. I mean, it's a no-brainer really.

But until my next return to Malaysia...Stay clean and affordable, Jerry Coworking Space! I can't wait to be working here again in the future!

Editor's note:

Unfortunately at the time of writing, the shop beneath Jerry Damansara Uptown is undergoing extremely noisy renovations, so focusing can prove difficult unless you bring really good noise cancelling headphones. If you'd like to speak to your friend while working, that could be a tough one too unless you start screaming over the drilling. Warning: It does get awkward when the drilling suddenly stops...only to start again in a bit. I do wish the staff at Jerry would have warned us about this, because then we would have gone to a different branch instead. Proceed at your own risk!

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