3 "not-so-idiotic" Idiots

By Elie - 8:52 AM

I'm really supposed to either be doing my English 104 work, Public Relations cancer related researches, Malaysian Studies presentation preparations or Sociology essay drafts and yet here I am, dwelling and procrastinating with my blog. But then again, this post would somehow or rather link back to my Sociology work. You see, we sat in class for 3 long hours to watch:

3 Idiots
(Look at the guy in the middle. His name is Rancho in the movie and he's super yummy.)

Honestly when my lecturer told us we were to watch a movie called 3 Idiots, I was expecting something pretty stupid with a whole load of dumb jokes but I must say, it exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was the movie fitted with a whole load of silly jokes, a load of brotherhood but also lessons on how it's pointless just memorize crap out of the book.

3 Idiots generally starts off with how students in an engineering college has to live their lives just reading things off books and passing exams under the watch of a principal who repeats the same speech in every beginning of the semester and is also a sore loser. Enters Rancho, a free spirited young man who has the gist to study but in a happy go lucky mode. The movie is entertaining and often links a lot to the lives of students in the modern day. Parents wanting their children to score grades and do nothing but face books...that sort of stuff. At a point, you would also see how we should offer chances to people who would appear to have ideas that may not work. It could surprise you. Suicide seems to be quite a sensitive issue in the movie, having a few of it's characters opt for it as an outlet to all that is irrational. It's a great movie (although it made me sit down for a good 3 hours with a bursting bladder) and I think I may just run off to search for the DVD so that I could watch it on and off. (Trying not to fit in too much of spoilers for those who may not have watched it yet.)

Right, I really have to go do my assignments. Or I should go swimming...after all "this is a college, not a pressure cooker."


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