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By Elie - 4:35 PM

Hello peeps! Yes, the menace is back. And this time, with something up my sleeve. So normally I don't do stuff like these but this seemed pretty damn cool. I was walking with my dad the other day when he took me along to that place he fixes his spine problems and I saw this taxi with the banner that said iBilik. Naturally these kind of ads strike me pretty well and the curiosity level in me is just super high. So I went back to college started surfing through the net and ding ding! I struck gold with that website! Plus, I was super early for class (Who gets to college at 12pm just to get into a 3pm class? Oh so I decided to just give the site a go with the browsing and what not only to find myself highly interested in a studio apartment. How smart. Here's that someplace somewhere I found:

Talk about a neat place. Plus the area isn't too's pretty near all my hangouts, which possibly is somewhat like everyone else. And now I'm just wondering, how come places like these go out on cheap ass prices like RM70 a night? I could imagine if it's a hostel for expats to come in on a holiday and it's like home to them. I mean, they could cook. There's the air-cond pre-installed. And there's all that full on facilities. I'd actually like ideas like these. To go to another country, enjoy myself with all the shopping and the eating and the drinking and the loitering and the talking and the taking pictures and the...(You get the point right?) only to return to somewhere you could call a temporary home. Nifty idea. And a good pocket saver too. Admit it, hotels are just built to suck your money while having someone to open the door and say "welcome back" or "enjoy your day" anyway. I'd like to be paid to just stand under such an ambient environment to only open and close doors with a fake smile too. That could be a considerable career. (My parents would kill me! Putting me through a Mass Communication Diploma to OPEN DOORS?! Yeah right!)

P/S: If there's the one thing hotels don't actually provide you, it's a freaking flat screen TV. Seriously, hotels need an upgrade. Quit using those stupid, big and fat boxes. And their channels suck. Epic win on the 32'' flat screen they provide in this studio.

That chair looks kinda familiar. Ikea maybe?

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