What if?

By Elie - 6:45 PM

Hello again! I seem to enjoy midnight posts, don't I? I guess one could presume that I'm an owl. So what has launched me into a midnight frenzy right now? Simple. A little Q and A session on Twitter with my dear friend Ji Zen.While the both of us has spammed our Twitter timelines with "what ifs" and silly replies, my mind has gone on an adventure of it's own to explore the real what ifs.

What if I never enrolled myself into college?
What if my grandfather never died?
What if I never met my boyfriend?
What if I studied harder in school?
What if I lived somewhere else than where I live now?
What if my family never had to struggle?
What if Uncle Swithin never died?

You see, sometimes there are things we wish we could change or even just figure out the other side of what's already happening. Would they all just remain a mystery? Or would you find out one fine day about what really would happen? Are the current moments as bad as we think they are?

Times could be different, really. And of course, a lot of things would be too. But really...in a moment or a flash, would you sit down to think of a what if in your life?

What if there were no me?!

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