Stab not, speak not

By Elie - 8:23 AM

I'm back! I'm not fully well but I'm back. And let's see what's interesting enough to speak about today. Ah right...taking something and sticking it to someone else' back. Or better known as...backstabbing. It's funny how much everyone does it everyday and yet it seems to be okay or normal or sometimes even acceptably honorable! I say...let's spit on them and watch them drown.

I wouldn't say my back is scar free for all days of being around and I would not say that I have caught ALL them backstabbers at me. What I would say is that I'm pretty damn sure there is no way I would ever back-stab someone. I mean come on, we all could agree that karma is a pain, right?

And neither is there a reason for you to correct those who back-stab you. Why bother with rumors that will never be true? And if they do become "true", why bother if you're so sure that you're innocent? You're born with eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to THINK. Why not utilize them? Why not put them to good use? Evaluate yourselves, people. It's time.

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