Life is beautifully a pain in the ass

By Elie - 7:05 PM

I feel so vulgar with my title. But it's just too bad if some of you were to find it offensive because it's the truth. As mentioned in my previous post, I've been depressed if not just down and it took a number of friends who has stayed on by my side endlessly to bring my spirits up again. Most importantly, I had possibly an hour's worth of chat with none other than Pri about life and how it sucks rocks as is.

She opened my eyes as to what seemed right yet wrong. Was it necessary to be a rebel just so you'd have the proper attention from those who seemed to matter? And just because your fight had gone unnoticed, would you just leave and move on or would you stay and keep fighting? If someone had told you that you were not worth a single cent, would you just go on thinking it really is so or would you turn around to tell that person off?

Everyone goes through the same things. We're born with nothing. We strive for everything. Yet we leave with nothing. What's the point, really? To suffer all the pain. To live through all the days with blood, sweat and tears. Why do it? If we were all just leaving empty handed, why live a tough life?

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