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This is an expired post, but enjoy it anyway, alright?

On Thursday, 26th April 2012 was IACT PARTS' very own Rock & Roll fest which was held at The Bee, Publika. And yes, I attended the fest because well...somebody had to go on and support my boyfriend, right? And also that the proceeds went to the Pray For Alda Evan Tan fund as well as to have lots of joy and music through the night. True to the promise, there was a LOT of music and fun from 9.30pm till late. The ticket charge was priced at RM 10 that came with a free soft drink courtesy of The Bee or at RM 15 for a free beer; also courtesy of The Bee. Of course, myself being who I am; I opted for the RM 15 ticket and grabbed a bottle of Kilkenny albeit already having a nice Guinness ice cream from The Last Polka prior to the beginning of the show.

The line up for the night was interesting enough with My Favourite Band (Yes, that's the name of the band), Seconds to Collide, Sue & Her Boys as well as Blister rocking away the night to a whole lot of cheerfully crazy crowd.

My Favourite Band

Personally, I've never heard of this band but the name that they picked out is quite catchy and when you think about it, it's a really clever and gimmick-ish name that would make people say that their someone's Favourite Band. Among songs covered that night were Incomprehensible by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling in the Deep by Adele as well as two other tracks in which I regretfully did not catch the names. Sound wise, these guys are pretty good with the lead vocalist bringing up his tunes well enough and satisfying the crowd just sufficiently without tiring us out. They're not too bad after all and could probably be someone's actual favourite band some day.

Seconds To Collide

The second band of the night was Seconds To Collide; a band that started out last year and had performed in various plays and is trying really hard to come up as a rock band. Belting out their own originals of Kettle and another song aptly named Happy Ending, I found that they had some points where they would need a bit more training to improvise themselves especially for the lead vocalist who seemed like he was struggling really hard to carry the higher notes and had gone off key at some point of time. And when I say struggling, I actually mean that he was really gripping hard on the mike stand and I could see his veins popping out on his neck. Yikes, boy. Take it easy on yourself. As an entry level band, I suppose they still have space to improvise. But good show, nevertheless.

Sue & Her Boys

IACT's very own Sue & Her Boys was the third band to perform for the night with songs such as Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers, Wheels by Foo Fighters as a tribute to Alda Evan Tan; a musician of Car Crash Hearts who had suffered from a massive stroke as well as Back from Cali by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy. As per usual, Su who possessed strong vocals brought the hype up, massively preparing the crowd for a joyfully rocking ride. Mid show, Su had decided to switch up her guitarist as well as invite Blister's bassist, Julio to perform a strong calibration of Back from Cali. Further comments of Sue & Her Boys shall not be mentioned as it would appear biased owing that I am personally a student of Su and also the girlfriend of the bassist in this band.


The final act of the night was Blister, featuring an instrumental piece pre-show and then decided to perform some originals for the crowd. Inside information of Blister features that they have opened for Slash's concert in August 2010 and they are also the winners of the Best Rock Group in the VIMA 2011 awards. Blister really made the crowd go wild with the performance of various songs with suggestive lyrics that were accepted well by the public as well as throwing in a series of jokes throughout their performance that stretched out to nearly 20 minutes or so.

So there it is. A little piece on the PARTS Rock & Roll Fest. Hope you've enjoyed yourself just as I've enjoyed my night. If you didn't well that's really too bad. Why did you not attend the fest yourself to actually feel the excitement yourself?!

And I'm going to end my post with...a picture of yours truly!

A shot by my buddy, Ida. I choose not to see the evil, only the good. :)

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