My Look At BERSIH 3.0

By Elie - 11:03 AM

It's not regular that I look into the politics of my own country as much as this but I feel a need to be speaking out for once. There must be at least hundreds of thousands of people out there in the streets; protesting, chanting, singing, walking and praying hard for a better, brighter future all for the coming generations of our country. They do not seek to cause trouble nor ask for harm to be done. All they want is to enter Dataran Merdeka and protest for the better. Enough with the dirty internal works. Enough with the false lies and cover ups made. Enough with all of these allegations of fairness to all.

There's so much I'm reading through Twitter, Facebook and various websites that provide live updates of BERSIH 3.0 that is happening right now even as I type all around Malaysia as well as numerous other countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, USA, England, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, France, China, Germany and etc.

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

On websites:

All links posted above provides LIVE updates right from where it's happening. I'm not a rebel nor someone who wants the country to go up in flames and have riots and all that jazz. All I want is for a better future and brighter days with all these cover ups to be gone. All I want to see is the truth, not lies made to satisfy those who are blind. Stop hiring thugs to pretend as though they are a part of us, only to create havoc and push the blame on the innocent. If you've done it, own up and admit to your own fault, not place the fault on someone else.

Quit using your tear gasses. Quit firing your chemical laced water cannons. Stop being afraid of the power of the public. Stop running away from the fact that the public demands an explanation to your faults. Open up and be fair to everything. We; the residents and true power of the country; DARE you to be transparent. Go ahead. WE DARE YOU.

Because I want something better for myself and my future family too.

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