So Many Adventures!

By Elie - 5:30 PM

I have so much to talk about today. So please don't kill me if I were to have one extremely long post that seems to just go on and on with no ends at all. I'll start off in the morning...where I jumped out of bed like a ninja, and had one of my quickest shower of my life just because I woke up late. After which I had to drive off the the income tax office to drop off my aunt because...well just because. My complaint to HASiL right now is: YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY NEED TO TEACH YOUR GUARDS SOME MANNERS!!!

The not so useful security guard.

I'm saying this based on the few things he has done to me throughout me being in my car while waiting for my aunt.
  1. Tapped on my window like how some homeless, drunk people do when they want money for "taking care" of your car at places like Sri Petaling or Bukit Bintang.
  2. Couldn't speak a single word of English. And I mean not a single word. In fact, couldn't understand a word of English.
  3. Discriminated against the fact that I am a girl driving a tiny MyVi and not some man with a beard sitting in a sparkly white BMW.
  4. Did not conduct his job fairly as how he claims to be responsible to. His words to me were, "Saya tak boleh kasi awak kat sini. Nanti kena marah." (I can't let you stay here, I'd get scolded. but it was clear how other flashy Honda Accords, Toyota Harrier and several other cars were allowed to wait where I was shoo-ed away.
Man, am I pissed off with this guard. Sigh...sometimes I just wonder what are the standards in government offices hiring people who work for them. It's an honest question though...what are the standards? Or at least an English requirement? Or some manner lessons?

The rest of my day is of nothing interesting...just my aunt and I going down to KL for some shopping where I got a new fluffy, fuzzy, comfortably warm hoodie from Uniqlo for only RM 49.90! I'm shocked that Uniqlo does sales like these...really. A little disappointed that I didn't get what Sharon got, but oh well this feels great too! It's still fuzzy, still fluffy, still cuddly...okay wait this sounds a lot like I'm talking about a soft toy but I really am talking about my new hoodie.

So a quick fast forward to my evening; the most eventful moment of my day. Here I was, just innocently stuck in traffic and pressing on my brakes ever so lightly only to have my car...


Only to have my car's air-conditioning die, my electric fan malfunction and the whole aircond compressor explode. Dramatic? Not really. It just happened and it made me panic for good. Heck it made me panic in such a way that I completely forgot the existence of a handbrake and the fact that I really should be using it. I thank God for mum being there. One big BANG came out and the next thing I knew was smoke blowing out from my bonnet. I swear, it has been quite the adventure for me. I panicked like mad. First thing I did was call my dad...who didn't pick up my phone call. Sigh dad. Why'd you ignore me? *Shows a frowny face* So the second person I decided to seek rescue from was...yes. Who else? The knight in shining armor...who wasn't that shiny after all.

Yes, I've been through some adventures today...and yes, I'm pretty traumatized by my car but no I won't stop driving around because public transportation in my own country sucks crap! I even had my uncle notice that there were no buses that passed by the bus stop we coincidentally were in front of...for an hour or more. Amazing isn't it, dear RapidKL? You guys are horrible. For a foreigner to notice so much about you in just an hour? Buck up, really!

Well, here I am, safe and sound without a car to use because apparently something, somewhere had gone wrong and my car is currently undergoing some servicing to replace whatever had exploded. I could have sworn to have thought my car was going to go on fire and I would need buckets of water just to splash on it and have a huge havoc going on right there. Well, at least all that happened was that I created more congestion to add on to the ongoing congestion. That wasn't all too bad now, was it?

Hey! That's not too long a post...but I've got 2 more up my sleeves...maybe tomorrow.

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