You Can Count On Me Like 1, 2, 3

By Elie - 9:14 AM

I've always had lots of fun with my friends but in recent weeks, I've been more than stressed what with the non stop assignments and the fact that I am once again on the lookout for jobs that do not require my full attention yet generates me an income that is just enough to get on with life. But you know, sometimes as a student, it's not all about studying hard or working smart. All we need is just a simple word. Friends. Or fun. Whichever works. Or maybe we should really put them together. Fun friends. And that's just it.

I would have never expected that I would have needed people around me that much to a point whereby I fear the silence in my room or to stand alone in a corner. To be honest, my teenage days have really just been meeting friends in school and pretending as though I had a life at night when I really have just been munching on snacks while watching TVB series. I may have gone out once, or twice...or a whole load of times but I've never realized that I should have had a grasp of that freedom as much as I hope I did now.

But at this moment, I am a student and at the same time, I am a worker. As hard as I study...or not...I would still seek the time to search for fun in my life. I would beg for a time out and yesterday, I've learned that regardless how old we are, there are things that would never change. We could still have the same fun we have when we were! All we really need is the faith, the belief and the right kind of company.

Thank you, dear God, for the day you have granted me to meet these amazing girls in my life. For the times you have given us together to bond as friends and to grow together into sisterhood. And for all the gracious moments that we have shared together.

Thank you, dearest buddies, for the times we have shared together and the experiences we have been through. For all the thick and thin, rain and shine, good and bad as well as all the secrets that we keep between us. For accepting my weirdness as I am, for loving me the way you love your own sibling and for being the sisters I wish I had but never did.

Like I said, all you need is some faith, a wad of belief and the right kind of company...just to be who you are. And this is who I am.

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