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As promised, I'd have this whole weekly recap of things as it goes along so that I would always remember what I've had in Netccentric, yes? Yes. And so I shall begin with my week 2. To start out, I had an amazing weekend of rest (I slept until 4 PM on Saturday, just so you know) and also that I got to meet up with my bestie from college, Callie along with her other half. And kicking back on Monday, there was a pot luck party in the office whereby we all just binged and got fat. Each and everyone of us! Ha! Plus, it was extremely nice to have played around with themes although not many people followed through with it. I suppose no one wanted to turn up at work looking like a small child who was going back to school or something.

Picture stolen off my own Instagram. Romp blazer, pure Italian silk tie, white tee, Scotland skirt and my favorite Converses just to fit the Oxford theme of the day.

Other days has been running pretty cool, with me attending my first registration for a premiere screening of the horror flick, MAMA on Tuesday and The Last Stand on Wednesday. Of course, I didn't catch MAMA because I really needed my sleep and I am chicken like that  I thought of how I would be watching The Last Stand on the very next day anyway. Review of the movie is up, by the way and it is right here for you to read. Then again, my big fat blunder on the movie tickets for The Impossible that was screening in GSC, Midvalley is a pretty good reminder for me to think about how much a klutz I am. I am thankful for competent superiors and understanding colleagues who never killed me the day after.

Wai Kin has turned 22 on Wednesday; the same day we watched The Last Stand together and contrary to the amazing gift I got him last year for his 21st, this year has just been something for him to keep and be reminded of me whenever we are apart for a number of days.

This was his 21st birthday present. A whole collection of 21 types of candies and snacks to keep his tummy happy especially when he does late night editing.
Photograph stolen off Wai Kin's Facebook.

His 22nd birthday present. Yes, he is now an adult with two adorably fluffy penguins! Well, one since he left the blue one with me to represent himself while he is gone. That's cute, I suppose. Except I really don't know if he indeed likes his gift. I'm seriously contemplating on getting him something else when my salary comes out.
Photograph lifted off my Instagram.

I really just have no idea what I see in this ugly person but something about him makes my heart skip beats. Sometimes I wonder if he has spiked my drinks and drugged my food just so I would feel this way. Own up, boy!
Photograph lifted off my Instagram.

Other days have been mediocre with my financials tipping lower as the day goes by, presumably from me first losing my job and then having to settle my own breakfast and lunch bills. I never knew it was so difficult to grow up and not have my parents, brother, brother's girlfriend, aunt, uncle or just whoever much older than me to pay for my meals. Another learning curve, really. It's like I try hard to save up but I still see myself facing the ATM machine much more than I used to and it scares me how expensive things in the world outside is. Sometimes I really wonder how people survive with having to pay off their rents, car loans, insurances and much more yet have enough to save up or go for surprise holidays OR buy branded things. Educate me, master!

It'll be a great week ahead with another screening and I am hoping, praying and BEGGING so hard that I have not screwed up yet again. I may have seniors who are alert and colleagues who has yet to put a knife through my heart but sometimes chances don't always come twice and it's really bad on the papers if that really happens. Working is hard, but doing a good job is harder. Sometimes, putting up your best isn't enough. It's only when you've given it all; your blood, sweat, tears and whatever else you can find to give that you will realize you have finally...FINALLY succeeded.

Come at me, week 3. I'm not afraid.

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