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By Elie - 4:51 PM

"Skytrex Adventure; Where The Fun In The Forest Never Ends"

I suddenly feel like I'm such an outgoing person with lots to talk about and much to brag but really I am not. If you have known me long enough, you would know that I love my bed more than I love to get out and I just adore my sleep to a point that I slept for a whooping 14 hours last Saturday! But today, I wanted to make a change for that so I decided to crawl get off bed at 9.30 AM and be whisked off to Skytrex Adventure located inside Taman Pertanian Malaysia (Or formerly known as Bukit Cerakah) in Bukit Cahaya, Seri Alam, Shah Alam. To get to Skytrex Adventure, simply get your entrance tickets from the entrance of Taman Pertanian Malaysia and hop on any of the in-house shuttle buses for a 3 kilometer bus ride into the forest! And all these were already pre-arranged thanks to Nuffnang!

Greeted by this big Skytrex Adventure banner so you know you're HERE! :)

Nature and adventure awaits you!

A nice area for om nom nom sessions among the trees.

We were first greeted by a young chap called Alif who brought all the Nuffnangers and Nuffies into the forest from the entrance of the Taman Pertanian Malaysia (TPM) only to meet up with another friendly staff of Skytrex Adventure called Azlan who handled just about everything that we had in there; from directing us to washrooms, giving us a quick brief of where to go and what to be aware of all the way to giving us the warmth of being a guest. It was amazing. After wolfing down sandwiches provided by The Baker Moments, we were separated into 2 different groups who had opted for 2 different trail choices; the Big Thrill adventure and the Extreme adventure.

In Skytrex Adventure, they offer up to 3 different adventures to cater for different guests who drops by starting off with the Little Adventure, made purely for kids and adults who may not think that they have the heart to climb up that high. With 23 challenges and a height of up to 5 meters, it's probably the best game for kids who can't get their butts stuck to the chair! Plus, it totally beats having to serve them with an iPad and tell them to be quiet because Skytrex Adventure is totally out in the nature and seriously, it's just that much better than technology. Following that, they have the Big Thrill adventure which consists of 26 different challenges and goes up to 17 meters from the land. That's pretty high for a shorty like me. Again, you're just so immersed in the mother nature when you're in there that you can just forget about the city for the whole time. Finally, Skytrex Adventure also caters a trail for the excitement seekers and the fearless called the Extreme trail which has 34 crazy challenges and rides up to 22 meters in height! You can grab your pick, but I obviously just settled for the Big Thrill trail. There were 9 of us in the Big Thrill trail and someone had all the luck to tag along today!

Look who turned up too!

The thing about Skytrex Adventure is that safety is seriously their top priority and after you sign off your life consent forms, you'd be guided to grab your harness and the staffs would be more than happy to help you in putting them on. If you're a lady and you feel awkward having a man stuff do it, you are more than free to ask for a lady to help you on out too. I like how attentive they are to such minor details! After putting on the harness and feeling weird for the first 5 minutes for having so many things around your body, you'd be guided to a "train and trial" section whereby a staff would teach you the how you could complete your adventure successfully. I'm giving a HUGE thumbs up to the staff who had given us the safety and basic training because of how humorous and talented he was in making his lessons stick in our heads. I didn't get his full name but I'm really hoping there is only one Amirul in the Skytrex Adventure so you'll know who to look out for. Seriously, his lessons are really good and he gives you the best ways to remember even the tiniest of details.

Harnesses on. :)

When you've passed your "train and trial", that's when the true adventure begins because you'd then be whisked off to kick start on your real challenge (depending on which trail you take, of course) and be told to climb up the rope ladder for everything to begin! For the trail I have chosen; the Big Thrill; there were zig-zag obstacles, net crossings and lots more fun that followed through. And best of all, there was flying fox! Tons and tons of flying fox, if I may add. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, I once mentioned that I had attended National Service in the year 2010 and the most memorable thing (asides making numerous awesome friends) was that I got to try out the flying fox for the first time and I was absolutely hooked. In fact, the real reason why I was exhilarated to have gotten the chance to join the Skytrex Adventure trip today was that I never got to play with the rope obstacles in camp. This was like a replacement; only better.

 Post-adventure pose. Big thank you to my dearest boy for making me look so awesome even when I was sweaty and smelly.

 And because I looked awesome, I must have more pictures!


It was undeniably tiring and definitely breathtaking to have been up and away from the land for over an hour only to be immersed in an endless trail of mother nature. Seriously, it felt great to be on my feet and just quit being in touch with the technology or the crazy world outside even if it were just for a while. Truth be told, I was fairly disappointed when it ended but at the same time just a tad bit glad because I was quite exhausted. Of course, lunch was served after that because Nuffnang never tortures their bloggers or staffs and the day just ended with a kick-ass group picture session as well as an amazingly windy 3 kilometer ride out from the forest. Today was truly a one of a kind adventure with much to feel and has completely made me sweat out (something I haven't done in a long time, I think it's time to hit the gym again. Anybody willing to be my gym buddy in KPRM?) any sorts of toxins left in my body. Meeting the bloggers whom Nuffnang had invited was a different kind of experience and I knew it was just the beginning of my days in Netccentric that I would be in touch with all these cool people.

My verdict of the day with Skytrex: it's an amazing adventure and I really recommend for anyone who just wants to have a dramatic break up with their computers to do so and head on over to Skytrex Adventure. There is absolutely no phone coverage in there so don't bother looking to Instagram that you're in there or check-in on Foursquare hoping to be the mayor of Skytrex Adventure. *Insert NO meme right here* Dress comfortably if you do go over with a recommendation of long pants and shoes that fit you snugly so it doesn't fall off and hit someone in the head...or nose. Why do I say long pants is essential? Well, accidents between platforms and clumsiness does happen sometimes...

Fat, bruised leg. This happened because I was spinning around during the flying fox obstacle and didn't land on the platform properly. Some mistakes do hurt...a lot. Decided not to take a picture of my left leg because...I have self-inflicted accidental bruises on them too. My legs look as though my boyfriend / father / anyone out there has just abused me.

Before going up, you may want to remove any accessories such as watches, bracelets or rings so that it's easier to move around without any worries in your mind that your RM 500 watch will just go bye bye while you glide down the flying fox obstacle. Try to also keep your pockets empty! I did a mistake by thinking that I could take pictures with my phone when I was up there and boy was I wrong. I was too chicken to take it out in fear of dropping if you're wondering why there are no pictures of myself or any of the challenges all the way up there, then you now know it. Keeping your pockets empty will help you minimize your worries and add on to your enjoyment throughout the day. And to end it all, just have fun. Let lose and feel free to scream, cry or even express yourself in any way you feel like. Nobody will judge you...except maybe the trees. Plus, I got a certificate for completing my course without turning back in hesitations! 

Now nobody can say that I am telling lies and that I have never completed the Big Thrill trail at Sktrex Adventure! Ha!

Further information about Skytrex Adventure can be found in their website whilst minor details such as the address and entrance fees can be found below. Skytrex Adventure is even open for company team building events or birthday parties among other events. For event arrangements and quotations, simply e-mail them at Skytrex Adventure is open on Saturdays, Sundays and selected public holidays (updates can be found on their Facebook page here) from 8.30 AM onwards whilst on weekdays, it will only open should there be a group of minimum 25 pax coming in.

Skytrex Adventure
Taman Pertanian Malaysia,
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Entrance fees:
RM 35.00 for Little Adventure
RM 45.00 for Big Thrill
RM 55 for Extreme Challenge

All fees are inclusive of Skytrex Adventure entrance fees, bus transfer from the TPM entrance - Skytrex Adventure - TPM entrance, personal protective equipments (Harness), safety briefings, trainings and actual circuit challenge. Charges do not include entrance to TPM (RM 3 for adults and RM 1 for children) or gloves which are sold for RM 3 per pair. Lockers are available at RM 1 per rental with a RM 5 deposit and bottle holders are available with a RM 1 rental fee and RM 5 deposit.

Or if you're looking for them in their office, it's located conveniently (for me of course) right in the heart of PJ:

Skytrex Sdn Bhd
C33-2-7, Block C Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: +603 7960 9841 (Only available from 9 AM - 6 PM)
Fax: +601 3276 8290

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  1. Wah, Elie u darn fast leh!! XD Looks like you had fun! :D

    1. Hahahahaha! Typed this out so that I can feel more and more sleepy and head to bed quicker. IT WORKED. :P

      It was AMAZING fun! If only you could join us up in the trees and be Jane Leia for a moment. xD

  2. Replies
    1. Really awesome experience! ^^

    2. hopefully see u on next event...

    3. Ooo definitely! Join us for screenings and other events and we'll surely meet again! ^^

    4. I'll try but usually the time for screenings always is my working hours...

    5. That's alright. I'm sure you'll make it someday! :D

  3. The experience indeed was a wonderful one. I think worth of your sweat and bruises. Well done

    1. I agree. I loved how much I had sweat (but not bruised la! That was so unexpected T.T) out that day. Completely put a different twist to my daily life of just being comfortable under the air-conditioning and sitting on my buttock everyday! ><


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