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[EDIT] My card has now been "reset" but not without me rushing out during my lunch break, taking the train all the way back to KL Sentral, spending an extra RM 3.20 thru and fro and finally waiting for 20 minutes just to have the lady put my card on her "magical" machine and she tells me all it needed was a reset. So instead of helping me do it while she had nobody at her desk, she decided to just let me stand there like a fool, holding onto my Touch & Go card and waiting. Such; is the way our public transportation help desks works. And we were trying to promote our tourism in this

Excuse me while I throw some profanities around on a Monday morning while I start my week 3 of internship. Now, I'm not sure if anyone knows but I live pretty far off my work place and I rely solely on the KTM and the LRT just to get from home to the office and vice versa. Initially, I had wanted to invest on one of those RapidKL cards that gives me access for 30 days straight and costs RM 100. But then again, this apparently "convenient" card doesn't allow me to use it on the KTM and completely defeats my purpose of buying it anyone. Mind you, I spend RM 3.70 on a single journey and RM 7.40 thru and fro. That makes quite a sum when you start calculating it on a weekly basis or even monthly. Understandably, I shouldn't make a big fuss about it since everyone does it right?

Here's where the problem begins. Last Friday as soon as I got out of the LRT station in KL Sentral, my natural instinct was to head on to the KTM station because they had announced that the train to my route was arriving. But lo and behold, my Touch & Go card got stuck. All that came out was that my card was invalid and I couldn't get in. So I seek help from the nearest uniformed KTM guard and he tells me to prove it to him that I can't get in and when I did just that, he simply shrugged and told me to get buy a ticket instead while I just stood there like a fool thinking of the proper cuss word to throw at that incompetent little piece of shit. I wish I had gotten his name. I was too pissed trying to get a good look at his damn face. I'll just leave the parts where the stupid machine never took my new coins and that the people in front of me in line were so ignorant as to never have gotten their money out beforehand because then I'd throw MORE profanities in this post than I ever should.

Naturally, nothing happens for my weekends and today when I come for work, I had stolen taken my father's Touch & Go card so he'll be forced to go get the ticket and pay at the cash lanes when he drives. Muahahaha! Such inconvenience. Now, when you're at a central hub like KL Sentral, you'd think that most of your problems will get solved and things will get better, right? WRONG! When I queued up for a long 15 minutes just to talk to the lady behind the counter, she tells me that my Touch & Go has been blacklisted and she has NO idea why. *Insert rage meme* The next thing she tells me is that I can either call up the call center with the number as listed behind my card or visit the Touch & Go office in the KL Sentral station that opens from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays only. That wasn't too bad, I thought. Since nobody in their right mind who goes to work can make it to get to the station at any time range between 9 AM to 5 PM because they have WORK, I could probably make a phone call at the number listed behind my ugly Touch & Go card. Again, I was wrong. I tried calling them up only to have the computerized TM Point lady tell me that the number wasn't working and wasn't even in the database. *Insert rage meme again* So now I will have no Touch & Go to use, no number to call and probably skip on lunch just to fix this retarded card, PLUS pay an extra RM 3.20 just to get this stupid thing done in the office...THAT OPENS WHEN PEOPLE ARE AT WORK!

My logic here is that I'm really wondering why in the world does the office open only when people are at work and not when people are GOING to work or getting OFF work? Why would you open up when people are AT work? Secondly, if your number doesn't work, why in the world would you have printed it on the millions of Touch & Go cards that you have distributed to the public? Thirdly, why is it that your stations around all the LRT lines can't get something as simple as this fixed? Like, what sort of a logical explanation is it that it can only get fixed in your office? Finally, why did my card get blacklisted anyway? All I've been using it for is to get from home to the office via the KTM and the LRT! I don't even use it for parking or 7-Eleven for purchases! Urgh! I am so annoyed to the point that I would just love to throw away this card anyway but for the sake of the RM 56.70 balance I have, I shall bear with this retardation. *Throws things all around the office*

And all this...on a Monday morning.

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