Winter Lover Bakery House

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Feels like it's been a while since I've come around with a proper review of something and there's so much more that I would like to blog about. I mean, everything is just in my head and at the tip of my fingers but the bed attracts me so much more each night that I succumb to it rather than my blog. But I am indeed trying hard to come about and be a diligent blogger, alright? So here I go trying to be a good blogger and talking about a little cafe that I found hidden just opposite one of the most upbeat places in the recent days.

Welcome to Winter Lover Bakery House! (Okay, I'm sorry I don't have a picture of how the front of the cafe looks like.) Basically it's a very cozy place hidden in The Strand right behind Alliance Bank and opposite a restaurant called Oriental Kitchen. It's pretty hard to miss considering it's at a corner shop but you'll have to look UP because it's on the first floor. My lecturer and I had wanted to find for a place where they had WiFi connection, was quiet and convenient plus wasn't too dodgy so we ended up here after I did my fair bit in research.

 Ms. Jo and I at the cafe...before we left. So the chronology of the pictures are a little wonky, but you get the basic idea of it. "Oh my 3 hours sleep face" she says.

When you walk in Winter Lover Bakery House, the first thing you'd notice is HAVE to remove your shoes. I think it's a brilliant idea because then the floors are clean and stuff while you don't get people walking in with wet shoes or threading dump around.

Nice and clean environment at Winter Lover Bakery House. I love how it's so well lit and everything is in white, presumably to fit the "Winter" theme. Funny thing is that the decals on the wall makes it feel a lot more "Spring" than any other season to boot.

The only things you could find there are just a whole lot of flower tea series and some apparently famous mille crepe cakes that they make freshly every day. They even offer reservation services for big parties and stuff so it's quite a good take if you decide to have some mille crepe cakes for your birthday or office events.

Mille crepe cakes on display. There's hazelnut, mango, tiramisu and cappuccino variants here while the durian variant is kept elsewhere as the scent is a lot stronger and may affect all the other cakes. Each slice retails for RM 9.90. I'm sorry for the quality of the picture, I am a horrible photographer!

There's even macarons here with a fair variety of things you would least expect going for sale at RM 3.90. Again, I'm sorry for the picture quality!!!

Eventually we settled for a pot of flower teas that Winter Lover Bakery House had to offer because it was quite a specialty here that you go for flower teas. They even sell the dried flowers and the teapot set here for you to bring home your own slice of "Winter".

Amazing looking jars of dried flowers for sale.

A series of flower teas that Winter Lover Bakery House has put together. There's French Rose, Jasmine and...a certain variant which I have forgotten. Each pot ranges from RM 10.90 to 12.90 depending on what you look for in your tea while an extra cup goes for RM 2 each for sharing. All teas are refillable.

Teapot set with 4 cups and a warmer retailing at RM 99.00 per set. As I have mentioned, they do sell their teapot sets here for you to bring home and to make your own tea from the comforts of being in an oversized tee while donning shorts.

The tea that we had went for was indeed the Beauty Series as you see in the picture above and the taste is quite impressive, leaving behind a sweet after taste even when we did not put honey or sugar into our tea. I like how the cup is shallow for you to pour some tea out and have it cool down while the thick outer layer helps to ensure you don't burn your fingers holding up the cups. How thoughtful!

I like the nifty idea with the tea light beneath the pot to keep it warm while the customers eat and chat without having to worry about their tea getting cold that quickly...

And they were definitely NOT stingy in putting in the ingredients that makes for such a flavorful tea for us!

Of course, considering that they are indeed famous for their mille crepe cakes, we decided to order 2 slices to share and the childish side in me even asked for some macarons!

Tiramisu mille crepe. Ms. Jo ordered this and it tasted amazing. The cake was actually pretty moist, unlike the one from Food Foundry that I once had and tasted frozen. The scent of the coffee powder was a pretty good top off, balancing between bitter and sweet in every bite. Worth trying, really!

Crunchy "something" chocolate mille crepe. I'm sorry I don't remember the fancy name to this cake that I picked out but I swear it's got the word "crunchy" in it. Again, it's not too sweet but the tiramisu actually tastes better for some odd reason. Even the texture between the two are different with this one a little softer while the tiramisu was a little more solid. Still a good try nevertheless!

Rum & raisin and latte machiatto macarons. The latte variant proved to be what people would actually think about macarons, making it too sweet and quite difficult to finish. Would have been nice if I could taste just that bit of "coffee" in it to make it a latte. The rum & raisin however is amazing. I love how the scent of the rum hits at you as you take a bite into this milky blue yet purple insides macaron! Ms. Jo agrees, noting that she doesn't like meringue-ed stuff but this has definitely gotten her seal of approval.

The bill came up to RM 42.50 in total as we dined for about 3 hours and chatted a whole lot to make for the main reason that we met up anyway. Overall the place is a pretty cozy cafe with their crowd only making their way in around 5pm but is otherwise empty. There is a blackboard signage by the stairs that you would take to reach the cafe so it's not too hard to notice. If you're wondering where you could go for a nice catch up time with your friends, why not consider Winter Lover Bakery House next?

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