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Days since my last post: 18

Hello blank space; or rather a place I come by once in a very long while right now. I don't know when blogging became my "by the way" activity, but rest assured I miss writing very much. I missed the freedom of expression, and I missed the love of sharing. I missed how happy I felt when my fingers hit the keys of my (Now old) laptop, and how the tippity tap meant I was on a roll again.

 Tap tap on the office laptop.

But you know, sometimes life gets in the way. So I'm only around once in a little while to document on happy things now. And well I had a look through but the last time I did a personal update was quite a while back, so why not get to things now? 

In January I... 

Got a haircut. 

It has obviously gotten ridiculously out of shape now, because it has been MONTHS since I went to the hair stylist again. I mean, yes I got the haircut in January, so you can obviously do the math. I really liked the style though, because it gave me more manageable hair...for about 2 weeks.

Got in a relationship. 

Yay, no more forever alone days. This happened around the end of January, and right now I am in a relationship with someone who makes me laugh more than cry, and accepts all my whining. He deals with my random food cravings and every other thing I do. You may have spotted his face in one of the earlier updates too, but I guess this makes it official again.

 Visited Port Dickson (Again)

Oh yes, I got just that little bit more vitamin-sea that everyone craves and it was at the ridiculously overpriced but absolutely beautiful Avillion Port Dickson. I guess now I could officially say I've been there and done that. I won't deny though, it was such an unforgettable trip with everything I love being in one place. Go figure.

In February I... 

Celebrated Chinese New Year! 

You may have read about this in the update called That First Red Packet, but this year marks the first time I gave my parents a red packet. Chinese New Year was also about the time I told my parents about the boyfriend, so I guess I gave them double whammies this year? 

Made a trip to Ipoh.

Aside to being with my family, I was also with my colleagues as they rented an entire house to spend the night in Ipoh. We laughed, we bonded, and we made memories to last. My parents also unofficially met the boyfriend for the first time, so I guess the trip was pretty good. Oh, but we did visit a relative, and it made realize that the old ones are indeed getting older. Perhaps it's time I took a step back to appreciate our moments together just a bit more. 

In March I...

Visited Malacca. 

It has been such a year of random staycations, but yes I made a trip to Malacca with the Crime Crew minus two. It was surprisingly a smooth drive, and the place we rented was pretty cool too. Which makes me wonder why I never wrote about it. Maybe I should. We had plenty to eat, and much more to laugh about. And just in case you never caught my updates about Penang last year, these guys are the Crime Crew: 

I don't even care that Chris looks funny here.

It has been a mundane March aside to that, but ah the bliss of remembering about Malacca. Maybe I should have an actual post about the entire Malacca trip after all. Someday.

Went back to Japanese classes.

After a halt for what feels like forever, I am now back in Japanese class. It hasn't been easy, but neither is it too difficult. I guess it's a lot like cycling. Once you've picked it up, you won't let it go ever again. Which is fine by me, because I'm enjoying classes and missing Arakawa Sensei sometimes. Maybe I should write to him someday and surprise the old man with a こんにちは

Oh wait, did I mention I bought tickets to Japan?

Well, I guess I ticked one thing off the resolution list in 2016? So excited now, I'm planning for things almost every other weekend. Yay.

In April I... 

Ran in a half marathon.

It was crazy and I didn't train. I had 21kms to run, and I was unfit. Still am unfit, but I did it anyway. Read my recap here: CLICK
 Got myself new glasses.

After about 2 years with the old frames and 3 years with those lenses anyway, I decided to get myself an eye check and new glasses. It has been the glory of my boyfriend that I killed the old frames (Apparently they were ughhhhhleh!), and my joy of my eyes because I strain them less now. These set me back about RM 560, but that's what happens when your myopia and astigmatism decides to party high. Yay to better vision? 

In May I... 

Am living in the moment. 

Wait, what were you expecting to happen within the first 10 days in May? No, unfortunately nothing interesting has happened yet. I've been living the moment, day after day, moment after moment. And I don't regret it one bit.

*Sips on my Chai latte* 

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