Meeting UK: The Day I Fell In Love With Camden

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Days since my last post: 4

Unbelievable. In about 4 months from today marks the first anniversary of my flight to the UK, and I'm still writing trip to UK. In fact this post has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time, and I never got to writing it because I had either consistently forgot about it, or that I didn't have the heart to say goodbye to UK for good. But what should be done, HAS to be done so here's to the 12th and final day of me gallivanting through the streets of a little place called Camden.

Welcome to Camden Town. 

I had heard tons of stories about Camden Town from my second aunt, mostly because she had resided there for about 6 to 7 years. Her return in about 2010 (Or was it 2009?) made her miss the place tons, so I promised to make my way to Camden, because it sounded absolutely amazing. Her description of Camden Town was one that was loud, a little rowdy, and it was ridiculously cheerful. I was not disappointed.

The all time famous Camden Lock Bridge.

What you absolutely cannot miss about Camden is the Camden Lock Market, a place where food and nooks gather. To be honest, it felt a lot like a huge flea market but with people who were a lot more punk...ish. It was highly exciting to see everyone just come out from their homes and gather on a weekend, eating out with the street food all over.

Catching dreams? Check.

From accessories to clothes, and other handmade items.

 Hello random statue!

While I died to splurge on almost everything, I suppose the better part of me did think about the conversion rate because it went on an all time high of around RM 6.30 to £1 when I was in the UK. I did however buy some tea leaves, have a little food, and got some homemade chocolates for my brother who specifically requested for "anything sweet" from the trip.

Bright and sunny.


Oh, so it's called the Regent's Canal!

The canal itself however was a little unkempt, and I could see the mossy greens covering up what otherwise may have been clear waters. I was lucky however to be there on a nice and sunny day, so it felt cold but odd all together. Mind you, I was there when autumn hit so I really can't imagine what it's like to be in the UK during winter. I may just stay in and have earl grey tea all day long.

I met death!

3D buildings all over.

A crowd among a row of 3D buildings!

 Care for some tea?

Camden was a little town just a little away from the very hustle and bustles of the city of London, and people there showed it too. From funky haircuts to funny street performers, and eccentric sights, Camden never seized to amaze me with every turn. One thing I wish I did however was to have explored MORE of Camden; perhaps more into the housing areas as I did around Notting Hill. But I was really strapped for time in Camden as I was alone, and I had to make sure I could catch the tube before the London Underground peak times began.

Goodbye, my love called Camden.

As I bid Camden goodbye, I also knew that this meant I was bidding my adventures goodbye. I made memories last, and then I made up my mind to someday return. To Camden, mostly.

Getting here: You could catch the London Underground to Camden Town via the Northern Line, and then make your way to the Camden Lock by walking. It's hard to miss the place with everyone heading towards it, but don't forget to take in the sights and sounds along the way!


Aside to having an absolutely amazing day at Camden, I also managed to meet a friend I met via a social media app called Jessie! It's funny how we're both Malaysians, but could only make arrangements to meet in the UK.

Hello Jessie!

 On the grass patch outside of the Euston station. 

Thank you for the cakes and hot coffee, though I felt guilty for making a student pay for my food. Someday when you come back to KL, I'll buy you a meal too! With that very special person from our empty bench as well. Because if it weren't for her, we would have never met.

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