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Hello people! Just taking a break away from my Japan stories to talk about a new love in my life: Cats. For those of you who don't know, I've always been a dog person but never have I owned any pets besides goldfishes in my home because my brother has a sensitive nose. So in return I've had to love my friend's dogs...until I met my other half who is a complete cat man. And to prove that...

Meet his 3 babies.

Naturally because I've never had a cat, I've always only heard about vets and I've always wondered what it was like to take your fur baby to one. And so I asked my other half what it was like, to which he replied that the vet would definitely talk about how overweight his loaves of bread cats are and so he doesn't take them there...unless necessary. But did you know that he isn't the only cat owner who doesn't take these meowing terrors to the vet?

Okay, so this is what it is like. She just gets scared and stays in the carrier.

A survey commissioned by Royal Canin recently discovered that 2 out of 5 cat owners in Malaysia won't be taking their cats to the vet this year, while a shocking 40% has never even brought them there once. This is because they tend to believe that cats are independent, self-sufficient, and healthy hence they can skip the vet check-ups. Others have cited that it's the cost of these vet check-ups that stops them from taking the cat there, and a handful think their cats just don't have health issues.

What do you mean I have “issues”?

This however is exactly why pet owners should take their cats to frequent check-ups, as cats are naturally good at masking their signs of pain. Remember the saying "prevention is better than cure" that we always talk about? Yep, it applies to cats too! It's always good to know if your cat is suffering from any kinds of diseases earlier instead of discovering it much later when their pain has escalated to an unbearable level.

So in a bid to curb all these excuses of expensive cat check-ups or believing that cats can just fend for themselves, Royal Canin has launched the MyCat2Vet Campaign; a movement that encourages cat owners to take their fur babies for a check-up from over 200 veterinary clinics all over Malaysia. Speaking from the launch of the campaign, Royal Canin Malaysia's Corporate Affairs and Scientific Communication Manager Dr.Calvin Cheah who also happens to be a veterinarian says that they hope this campaign will help raise awareness in cat owners that cats do need regular check- ups. And why, you may ask? According to Dr.Cheah, this could arise for multiple reasons:

  • The older a cat gets, the more likely the owner is to take it to the vet, but only when it is sick. It can then be too late for your furkid.
  • Routine wellness exams are vital for giving cats the long, happy, and healthy lives they deserve.
  • Cats age much more rapidly than humans. It's been said that by the time cats are 2 years old, they could be equivalent to being 25 years old as a human!
  • Vet visits allows your veterinarian to know about any behaviour changes in your cats, so they understand if your cat is in any kind of discomfort.
  • Preventive care is better than reactive care.

And now that you've read all this, isn't it time you gave a bit more love to your kitty companion? Well from now until the 31st of December, you can visit to register your cat with the panel clinics available. Royal Canin Malaysia hopes to have 10,000 cats have their first vet visit as a result to this campaign, and your kitty should really be a part of it. And fret not about the bill of your visit, as Royal Canin has agreed to foot the bill so all you have to do is register in the link above and bring that meow of yours for a check-up. After all, they do deserve better. 

Oh and as for my other half's cats? Yeah, they're alright. The vet says they are a little on the chubby end but as long as we're watching them closely in terms of their diets and taking them for their check-ups more regularly now, they should be all good living the good kitty life.

Watch who you’re calling chubby, I still fit in the box.

Man…I wish I was a cat.

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