Meeting Japan: Umeda Sky Building x Fiji Okonomiyaki

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If you're here to ask when will my Japan adventures end, I'll just say never! Procrastination is truly my best friend at this point of time, and I've got several backlogs on staycation spots and whatever not. Praise be to the power of my bed that sucks me in more often than not. But moving on...


Following our afternoon at the Osaka Castle and Osaka Museum of History, we decided to head right into Umeda where we could catch the setting sun from the Umeda Sky Building's observatory that stands 170 meters off ground. 
Looking down from above. 

Unfortunately for us, it was the day where a storm hit Osaka and so heavy rains as well as strong winds were inevitable. We barely made it up to the rooftop where it was open and beautiful to the vast skies for a bit when the rain drops just kept falling, and so we decided to take shelter at Cafe SKY 40 which was on the 40th floor of the building itself. 

Hello sunset. 

We sat there for about an hour watching the sunset and the skies lit up with the lights of Osaka buildings, which you could marvel at from the time lapse above. I guess we were pretty lucky to have gotten a seat right in front of the window where I could perch the camera up long enough for a beauty as such. 

True indulgence.

In return, I actually treated myself to the special chestnut latte and Japanese cheese cake from the cafe while my other half tipped into his glass of Japanese whiskey on the rocks. Talk about living the high life, because it costed ¥600 for the whiskey, ¥800 for the latte, and ¥300 for the cake. Once in a lifetime experience perhaps? 

Umeda Sky Building 
Open daily from 10 AM - 10.30 PM 
Entrance fee at ¥1,000 per adult, free with the Osaka Amazing Pass


While our next stop after the observatory was supposed to be another famous ferris wheel smack in the middle of town, my other half had discovered a store named Kiji that supposedly housed the best okonomiyaki (a type of savoury Japanese pancake) right at the bottom of the Umeda Sky Building! And were we hungry? Not really, but Kiji seemed promising as it had previously been rewarded with a single Michelin star. 

Forever crowded.

And seemingly popular! 

Our queue at Kiji spanned around an hour, with tourists flocking this tiny little shop for a taste of freshly made okonomiyaki in front of their faces. The hospitality here is also prominent, where waiting staff had minimal English speaking capabilities and the owner personally apologizing to everyone who had to wait in the queue. I guess you always have to wait for the good stuff.

Pancake goodness.

Bacon strips, vegetable, and seafood are everyone's favourites.

As we had already filled up with cake and whatever not before, my other half and I simply picked out the famous pork okonomiyaki to share and a fried noodles Kiji style. We also asked for half a pint of Suntory Malt's Draft and our bill came up to a whooping ¥1,600. I actually thought it wasn't too bad considering we were paying for a meal that bore a 1 Michelin star, and they actually deserved it. 
Oh hi there.

L - R: My other half, the owner of Kiji, yours truly, and our chef of the night.

The wait, while extremely long and nerve wrecking can be quite satisfying by the end of your meal. If you're lucky, the owner may also present you with a hand written "thank you" calligraphy and is ever so happy to let you behind the cooking stove for a commemorative picture. My only regret was that I had left my name cards back in Malaysia, otherwise I would have stuck one up the wall of Kiji where everyone seemed to leave notes and money to show that they were there. This also marks the first time I've had a Michelin star meal, all thanks to my curious other half. 

Kiji Umeda Sky Building
Open Mondays to Sundays from 11.30 AM to 9.30 PM. 
Closed on Thursdays.

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