Hi There, I'm Alive

By Elie - 8:10 AM

Days since my last post: 30 

And so I've done it again - I've left my blog space to grow cobwebs and get all dusty of sorts. It isn't that I don't love you anymore, but it's just that life hasn't exactly been the most interesting in the past month after all. In between rituals of my every day work life, here's an update on what's been going on as we step into the final quarter of 2018!


Best travel people ever

At the beginning of August, I managed to steal several days off being a working adult to go on a holiday with my old ones. We had a 3 day 2 night excursion to Ipoh, and we got to do all sorts of touristy things such as taking photos around Concubine Lane and meeting my dad's classmates. I must have gained several kgs after the trip, but when I traded it off with the smiles on my old folks' face - worth it.


If you caught wind of my post in the beginning of 2018 - you'd notice that I mentioned being a home owner. Unfortunately at that point I hadn't gotten to my house YET but hey here's an update... 

Because we finally got it!

It's been a ridiculous wait for our keys, and it kept getting delayed month after month. At one point I was tempted to write in to the consumers' association on how slow everything had been, but before it happened, the developer reached out to say that the house was finally ready. Unfortunately, "ready" is rather relative because we discovered that there is no electricity in our home when we took the keys. We wrote in to complain, and there's an ongoing blame game between the developer and electricity provider on whose fault this is. Until then, it looks like my other half and I are just going to have to keep calling and asking when they'll just give us power. Renovation and furnishing sponsors are most welcome, holla if you're interested to give me something because I'm looking to periodically update on house renovations on the blog! A whole new section now, woohoo!


Finally, the MILO medal

That's right, a day before I started work - I joined the MILO Breakfast Run 2018 with Tania from Sugoidays! It's one of the most popular and family friendly runs in KL, and I was lucky to get a spot this year all thanks to her. You can watch how everything unfolded here because Tania took a video from the start to finish but just to give you a heads up...it involves me walking for 5kms around Putrajaya early in the morning to hatch eggs on Pokemon Go. And yes, I still play that. Add me as a friend if you do too: 8071 6398 2505, trainer name Eliephante. Please, I need to complete several tasks!


Little one not included

Yes. Again. After I left Publicis in the middle of 2017, I had switched a total of 3 jobs just to try out what fits best. It was my attempt at experiencing something non-agency in case I could do better. This was after that thought that I had joined an agency right as I left college, and I had a burning desire to know if there was anything else out there for me. With that, I've been to a fast growing startup that offers discounts on services, a local digital marketing company, and decided my final test was at a tech startup. Ultimately, everything was interesting but it just didn't feel right. That's when I decided that maybe my life is all about advertising and now I've joined one of Malaysia's largest advertising companies. Looks like I'm about to live, eat, breathe, and die advertising for the rest of my life. How interesting.

To be fair though, if you read through this then it would seem like I've been doing quite a bit of things across the month. I suppose if you're living through it yourself, it really doesn't feel like much. Most of my other days are now spent either planning for my next holiday (Hint hint!) or just bumming around playing games and building blocks. I mean I could be preparing for our home but hey...what do I without electricity right? Seriously, how long could that even take? 

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  1. Hi there, thanks for the update on your life. Remember me? I said hello to you at the lift lobby in Menara/Wisma LYL before once upon a time. :)

    1. Hey Mun! So sorry but I don't quite recall because I left Wisma LYL about 2 years back. Goldfish memory, really. But thanks for stopping by! :)


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