Sometimes, it's the little things that matter.

Do we realize how the tiniest of things could either ruin our day or make it whole now? Do we realize that as people, we grow and find simple pleasures? I think I've found what makes my day and what crumbles it all down. Sometimes, it's just these little things that matter. :)
Dear single and lonely people out there, there is no such thing as love via the internet. Please wake up. Regardless how desperate you are, just stop being so naive. Hang on, naive would be an understatement. Please stop being STUPID. Thanks

Suddenly I sound really mean with the statement as above but sometimes people just need a good smack in their face to realize some obvious things ahead of them. So what triggered such anger this time? Mum came home last night to tell dad and I about her friend whose friend had nearly fallen into this whole scam via love through the internet. And my first reaction? I smacked my forehead. Why haven't people opened their eyes? Haven't they read enough of the damn newspaper to realize that cases like these are just repetitive? And they said teenagers were rash and irrational in love. Yeah, I'm sure.

Love over the internet COULD happen but then again you'd be better off buying a lottery ticket and praying that your numbers are out in the papers. Let's face the truth right here. Do you really think that someone whom you've never met, just someone who has been contacting you through the telephone who claims to be some Italian or German would come and "marry" you after being in touch for a month? Bloody hell, I'm not even sure my own boyfriend would marry me though we've been dating for 7 months now. How desperate would you have to be to actually think that this mysterious person from the other side of the world who has never been to the country you call home would fly across the continent and flash you a 7 karat diamond ring only to eternally spend the rest of his life with you? And the same works for guys...come on...would some woman with a huge rack need to get on the internet to find "true love"? So she may be lonely, but I'm sure she lives in some country that definitely has men. Quit worrying for her anyway.

My final advice to you stupid people out there? Regardless how lonely, how sad or how desperate you are...DO NOT FALL FOR INTERNET LOVE. Be careful with who you're spending time with. "Romeo DeCasanova" will never be the person he claims to be. He could be some thinning, bald man with a huge pot belly and a whole crate of beer by his side. "Juliet St Andromeda" would never be the woman she wants to be because she's probably someone who has sagging boobs and a huge butt with a cigarette dangling by her lips. Sexy? I doubt. Be cautious about the person, please. If  "Romeo DeCasanova" has no one else but girls on his Facebook profile, I would seriously be worried. It's bad enough having to think that he could flirt so well over the internet, just imagine him with every other person on his list. Or in real life. Come on, a guy without a single guy friend? He's either a pedophile or he's got some serious mental and social problems.

Watch out for his words. Watch out on how depressing he makes his life sound. "My mother is dying. My father left us at the age of 3. My sister is currently selling her body to pay for her husband's debts and her children are suffering with having to work instead of study. Me? I'm just bumming around." People just don't ever learn. Eventually these sob stories turns into a plea for cash and soon a fool and his / her money are parted. I may sound evil and harsh with these words, but I can't help but to laugh at how dumb these people look when their reports are published in the newspapers. There has been more than enough reports out there with sufficient reminders that these stuff happen and yet people still go for it. God help the nation.

And for those who thinks I'm a nuisance when I talk about my boyfriend or bring him out or show you pictures of him, it is to tell you that he exists and he is not fake. It is to remind you that if there were a day when he hurts me, you would know who to look for. (I kid...I kid.) (But yeah, if he does do something, you should go hurt him for hurting me.) Tell your friends about your problems! Show them this apparent lover of yours to ensure he / she is real! Real friends sit around to share your happiness, useless friends would just walk away. As a friend, wouldn't you want to cover for your friend's heart? Wouldn't you want to care about the safety of your friend? Wouldn't you want to know which jerk made her cry or which girl broke his heart to make him drink like a fish? Watch out for your friend, pull them out of hell as soon as you sense something amiss. Isn't that what friends are for? Sheesh, the society right now.

And last but not least...desperate for love? Let me introduce someone for you to love. Walk over to your nearest mirror or reflective window or just put leave your desktop empty and black. Look in it. Who do you see? Yourself? Great. That's who you should be loving from today onwards. You don't have to have someone just to feel loved. You don't have to have someone to spread love. There's your friends and family for that. Not some weird stalker over the internet. It's about time someone realizes that love doesn't only exist in a relationship. If you can't take loving yourself, then invest on a pet. Dogs and cats make good companions. I talk to my soft toys and they keep me sane (or insane) so honestly, you do NOT need some other person to claim that they love you.

Sigh. My rant ends here. And if you're offended with my words or opinions, here's a piece of kind advice to you. You see that little X button on the upper right hand corner or your page? Yes yes, CLICK ON IT and go away. I'm just warning people to be careful and to stop falling for these scams that takes away not just innocently naive people's money but sometimes also involves their whole life. The only difference is that I'm doing it my way. And you have no say about it. I feel proud. :)

P/S: My boyfriend is real. Yes he is. And for anyone who thinks he's just someone over the internet, OPEN YOUR EYES and look. THIS is love. Not some dude without a picture on his Facebook account. (Albeit my boyfriend's display picture being an ape...)

For those who think I'm high on some substance or something, here's my confession. It's a drug called love and I've got bags of it. I'm not hallucinating, I'm just lucky.

PP/S: That guy in the picture? Yeah, that's the person you should look for if I'm ever hurt. EVER.

PPP/S: (Just in case my boyfriend reads this) Hi. I heart you. Now go and sleep.
So I realized that my blog was getting a little boring, albeit it having promises of being a little more exciting. I had even posted up an apology for having been missing for such a long time no thanks to my assignments and a whole new environment for me to learn. Oh, and I have an early morning class tomorrow yet here I am, muttering on my own zone.

Well, let's see what's in my mind. For one, I had followed my boyfriend to his friend's place tonight because his friend's father (phew, that's pretty far off) had a fourth stage lung cancer. Initially, my boy had shown signs of concerns of whether or not I would be comfortable being there. Truth be told, I wasn't too sure if I could hold on to my feelings and my emotions giving that I had lost quite a number of friends and family to cancer; if not any other diseases. However, I did give in and followed him anyway because it didn't seem fair that he gave up the chance to visit his friend's father out of sheer courtesy all because of me. Funny enough, reaching that house wasn't too bad at all.

I'm not sure if it were because of the fact that it was a huge company of people that went along or that the uncle seemed pretty chirpy for a man who had gone along so much of suffering. We were gathered in uncle's "bedroom"; the living room that had simply been turned into a place of resting for the sick man. The uncle was a bony man, with thinning hair and a low keyed voice. The pain on his face immediately struck me to remember about Uncle Koon San who had passed on years back of lung cancer too. It made me wonder for a while, was this uncle just as how Uncle Koon San was? Was he just as cheery, just as plump and just as strong? My questions are unanswered and I'm guessing they never will be.

As uncle described his course of this 6 year battle with the cancer, it became obvious that he was a tired man. When he clasped his hands together and closed his eyes, I would note that shaky voice from his aching throat as he slowly uttered every word through his every war with this disease that had taken so much away from him. Chemotherapy had taken away his strength while every virus that was feasting away on his cells and bones had taken away his very will to carry on. What it really did give him back though, was his family. His efforts to go on an escapade with his children and wife was inspiring as he continued to fight every horror through his body because he did not want to waste away his final years just lying by the bed and awaiting for the light to shine.

It got me thinking though...what had really made this one man; who had all the rights to give up to keep going on? What gave him the strength to keep pushing forward to fight with those virus that were clearly just eating him up piece by piece? He could have easily just quit, he could have just gave in to those cancer cells and said his goodbyes to his friends and family. Why stick around? Why go through all that pain? Why go through all that suffering with a life dependent on medicines and therapies that hurt and yet not guarantee a recovery?

I guess sometimes some questions would just be left in the dark, without an answer, without a solution and yet still existent. Sometimes, life is just about striving on without a reason. Sometimes, you just live.

When we left, the first thing my boyfriend asked was if I was fine. I nodded without a hesitation. On the way home, he asked again; stating that I was too quiet to be myself and it was definite that there were something on my mind. Here you go, boy. Here's what was in my mind. Every little detail of it. As for that uncle, I hope God blesses you for all the strength you have. Let there be peace and comfort in your life, because you've really gone through more than any regular human should. Here, I'd like to quote a line from the bible though I am a Buddhist. It does seem appropriate...and seemingly meaningful since the day I've come across these words.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

You're a man of faith, uncle. I see it. And for all your sufferings, you've really done yourself proud. You've taught me an invaluable lesson tonight. That life; no matter how difficult, is really worth living for. There's still much to see, much to learn and much to explore. That matters. Good night. :)
Forgive me for having gone missing. I'm just...missing for a while thanks to the start of the semester in which I am seriously not familiar with all these new faces, new studies and new...uh...stuff.

I'll be back, I swear! Bear with my sudden missing moments, and my extreme hyper activity if you were to notice some. So yes. Toodle yo!
"Do what you love, not for the sake of doing it but for the sake of loving it."

Just last week, I was told something that really struck me for the longest time. "Do what you love. That will bring you far. It can be anything and as long as you put in your heart and soul and pour in a lot of love, you will succeed."

For a while, it just kicked me in the guts. Did it mean that all my failures had to do with the fact that I never loved what I had been doing? Did it mean that I was someone who just did things because they had to be completed and that I had never been on the right path? Oddly though, it really felt like so.

Yesterday, my parents and I took a trip down to the old Subang Airport (Fondly known as SkyPark Terminal and used by mainly Firefly; the airline, not the insect!) to pick up an old friend of my father's; Uncle Patrick. The road, I must say is one of the most inconvenient ones I have seen. Honestly, you're required to actually go around ALL THE WAY just to reach a round-about to take a 6 o' clock turn before you go straight all the way again to reach the arrival hall. Rubbish designs, I tell you.

But the best part about the trip was the journey that I'm complaining about! Ironically, I loved it. It was far and petrol was wasted but I loved it. And somehow I realized that the only reason that I am loving it is that I could see all these airplanes all around while my parents told me that there were hangars around with engineering factories around. There they were, simply talking about such a-matter-of-fact thing yet there I sat in the backseat, thinking about how amazing these planes are. Then it sparked me once again. There it was. What I loved. This was it. This was what I once loved. This is what I love. And this is what I will love.

I'm going to fly. I don't have to care about what people are going to say...those comments about how short I am, or how anti social I am are just going to fall on deaf ears because I am going to fly! I'm going to be a part of Singapore Airlines (though they have no idea just yet) and I am going to be a stewardess who will rock every passengers' socks! Regardless what anyone has to tell me, from the horrors of being a jet lagged haggard to being far away from either my family or other half or even the facts that I am going to be a slave 10,000 feet above air is going to stop me from achieving this little dream of mine.

I am going to be who I want to be, because that's what I love. Me.
Listen to me rant for a quick while before I hide back under my blanket alright? I'm currently sick and my nose is running away from me thus giving me the voice that is weird and all. But anyway, after a really long break...last night my mum and I rode the KTM all over again!!!

My first comment: so much money has been spent on the KL Central station, yet ventilation is at it's worst. As I stepped down the escalator to head for Platform 4 and await my train, all I could smell was sweat and the disgusting stench of smelly foreign workers. I'm not being racist, I'm just wondering if they've ever heard of personal hygiene or a deodorant.

Second comment: I'm just curious if these cops are merely hired for show or to control the people. Because as the train approached, these cops were no where to be seen. Yet when the train doors were closed, they had suddenly appeared out of no where! Moreover, comments about having men in the ladies' coach fell on deaf ears and another sarcastically commented that there are more in the Midvalley station. Hello? The point is not where they came from, it's that it is YOUR responsibility to get these idiots out of a coach design specifically to protect us ladies! But fine, I'll let that be.

Mum and I were fairly lucky to have missed the first train because the second one came about 10 minutes later with less people. The same thing happened though...what with men simply sitting in a ladies' coach. In fact, as I started to tell my mum about it, this Malay man who was seated across grumbled about how we teenagers have no respect about old people. DUDE! YOU'RE HARDLY 60 YEAR OLD. And even if you WERE 60, don't you know how to differentiate between a ladies' coach and a coach designed for both genders?!

There's THIS for a reason!

Now, if I were not sick, I would have gone up to the man and start a big fuss about it but seeing as that I'd probably lose my voice halfway, I thought to just let it pass. Stupid guy. Foreigners followed suit to enter the coach and I swear, if they had gotten any closer to my mum and I, I would have kicked them to ensure they will no longer be able to bear kids for the rest of their lives.

Note the angry lady far left. Note the smirk on the guy's face. Note the disgusting look on the bald dude. NOTE THE RED SHIRT GUY WHO STOOD SO BLOODY CLOSE TO MY BLACKBERRY!!!

And that was taken pretty secretively. But just imagine, I had to pretend to be texting to take this picture...hence you could actually imagine how close they were standing to us. They smelt bad too. No discrimination, just the truth. 

I did like the moment when this lady could no longer stand the stench and told them off. She sparked off everyone's anger though and hence everyone started to shout at these guys. They finally proceeded to a different coach later on as we all finally took a fresh breath of air. As for the Malay guy, he left at the next station. Let's see how well that works for you, grumpy and irrational person! So here's a great big shout out to the KTM people...

If you can't afford to hire proper cops who would do their work properly, honestly just don't take them in. They create nothing but further anger in your passengers. Secondly, as much as your staff would like to go on ahead and break their fast, perhaps they would like to understand that driving the freaking train at break neck speed will not do them any good and furthermore might cause unwanted accidents. Really, it's scary and I had to pray to God a million times to let me live through the ride. Moreover, you might like to fix the air conditioning in your coaches. I could smell wet socks and some things best not mentioned. That was BEFORE the weird and idiotic foreign workers so imagine that. We do pay quite a lot as compared to other countries when it comes to public transports so I suppose the least you could provide us is a comfortable ride. At least I'd start to figure that the RM 2.10 that I had to pay you is not a rip off.

Oh and a quick shout out to the lady who had the guts to shout out to the foreign workers who smelt like had not had a shower in a week...KUDOS TO YOU! You're amazingly brave and I suppose we'd need a lot more of you around! 

Ah, now that all that anger is out, I shall just proceed to wiping my nose disgusting on the tissue and hope that I will be better soon. Hence I shall just show you a picture of my Wystan staring at a box of flour. Because I look like crap and there is no way in hell I will show you how I look like now.

My baby Wystan. Fascinated by flour. :)

I feel like I'm on a roll!!! Yes, I'm been so actively on my blog that I'm beginning to think that some people are getting annoyed now yet I don't really care. Okay now back to the title. This morning (or afternoon?) my family and I headed down to PJ for brunch before scouring the grounds for a place to call home for my brother. The most interesting things do happen in these eating joints, I swear.

Behind us were two tables that placed 2 old couples and the funniest thing was that BOTH the old men were talking to one another...across tables. Among their conversation details were "We're flying to London via Singapore Airlines.", "I'm old and contented. That's what's important now. Contentment." as well as "I heard they serve really good char siew in that wan tan mee place." No, I was not eavesdropping but I merely just *overheard* their conversation. In fact, I'm sure the whole shop overheard the wasn't exactly a whispering session anyway. But you know, what he said got me thinking. As humans...are we really contented?

As a living person, do we always seek for more? More adrenaline. More fun. More adventures. More money. More friends. More joy. So when do we draw the line to contentment? When do we find that enough is really enough? When will we find ourselves truly in a thankful state that we have what we already possess? I haven't got a say, because I'm still at an age where I am seeking for that extra zest in life. Perhaps I lied in my earlier days when I said that I'd be glad to just pass my subjects and live a simple life with my boyfriend because right now as I sit and await my results for my second semester, I realize how much I'd like to see a bright and gleaming 'A' on my transcript. I also realize how much I'd like for my boyfriend to take me on an adventure. Sure, right now all I'm asking for is just a simple and relaxing holiday but just a few nights back, I had requested for a trip around the world. Suddenly, THAT feels a little overboard.

Honestly though, how much is enough for us as humans? Eventually the two uncles quit shouting at each other and left the shop while we were all just left in awe on how carefree these old folks are. They don't care if you have to say that they are uneducated, shouting out loud at one another in a place full of people. They don't care if you know they will be out of the country for 2 weeks to go on a holiday in London and that Singapore Airlines had a promotion thus allowing them cheaper tickets and neither do they care if you know about their waistline. (Yes, one of them said it out loud. "I can't fit in size 40 anymore.") They're old and contented.

It's never really understood why as humans we'd always want more. We're so afraid of competition, of losing out and of being a freak. We're afraid to be branded, we're afraid to be special and we're afraid of having difficulties blending in. Which is why we'd always have the hunger to gain an extra jest out of life. But do we really need all that excessive luxuries? Do we really want all that just to be happy or is it just so others could say things that doesn't seem right yet satisfying because we fit right in?

So I came home today and started seeking for my own contentment. But funny enough, I didn't have to look very far. I found my was right in my hands after all. Pfft...silly me, right?

Year 1993 - The Lam family portrait. OH EM GEE I WAS SO CUTE!!!

Year 2011 - Penang trip with the family

How we started out - with the boy

Malacca 2011 with the boy

June 2010 with my babes

Honestly, I've found my contentment. Have you? If you're still seeking it, my advise is to stop looking at such a far off place. You already have it. Everything a bonus.
What a title. And truth be told, it came to me while I was taking my shower. People are right when they say that you get all inspirations in the funniest of places. So anyway, what I have for you good ol' readers out there is a different kind of sausage!

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob. You read that right. There is a sausage out there named Bob. Nah...I'm kidding. That's actually the name of the band I'm going to introduce you to. I'm aware that it's a mouthful but hey! We all love special things and that name does make you want to know more, right? We college mates address them as Bob the Sausage so you're free to call them as you feel.

Who are they? Well, here's some information for YOU to know. First and foremost, the team. We have *drumroll please* Esty Richards as the lead vocalist and the ONLY female in the band. Talk about being the rose among the thorns! Following which we would find Jared Lee and his brother Lee Wei Chen who are on bass and guitars respectively and then we'd find Anthony Lee as the lead guitarist and last but not least, JC Lam on drums! (Mark my words and spot the cutie in their band!) I was joking!!!

 [L > R] Wei Chen, Anthony, Esty, Jared & JC Lam

So, what's so great about a regular college band? Here's what. They were formed only in 25th November 2009 yet they've been to places such as KL Live Centre, HardRock Cafe KL, MOS @ Sunway Pyramid or Laundry Bar. What's better is that they've even won been to battle of the bands and have harvested a fairly decent cupboard of trophies some being the Top 20 out of thousands of bands over the Asean Region in the Tix Band Competition held by Air Asia, Volkswagen Polo Rocks Competition (2nd Place) and they were even been invited to play at Esplanade, Singapore earlier this year! In a rather more recent affair, they were nomited for Astro Hitz's The Music Video Grant which allows them to produce a music video so keep your eyes WIDE open for that!  In fact, thanks to the Volkwagen Polo Rocks Competition, they have landed themselves in a 12+ track album recording which was released just around the end of July. (My personal favorites being Person I Am and Change)

There's me with their album that they generously gave me.
You'll want this on your rack, yes you do!

And here I am, telling you about how amazing they are...but WAIT! How would YOU know if they're really as good as I claim they are? Simple. (Here's something I've been dying to do.) Usually they'd sell away their debut album at a spanking RM 30 but I've managed to wrangle up a deal that lets you have their CD for free!!! FREE, I SAY!!! FREE!!! And here goes...all you gotta do is tell me when they were formed, leave me your name and contact details and POOF! New CD for you to blast on your stereos!!!

Oi! Why are you still reading this?! Get commenting...and yeah, there's only so many CDs up for grabs. The regular word sticks...FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!

P/S: You'll also find them updating their Twitter accounts so if you'd just click on that FOLLOW button, and voila! Steamy hot updates on their work! Don't forget their names now! They're Esty, Jared, Wei Chen, Anthony & JC Lam. For further information such as *wanting them for your event*, you're most welcome to contact Jared @ 016 - 3458785. Additionally, you'd want to "LIKE" them on Facebook too!
If there is absolutely one more thing I despise doing now, it will be TELEMARKETING. I swear, picking up that phone for about 219 times or more with the same tone of "Hi I'm Elie and I'm from IACT" is sufficient to make me SICK. My only entertainment of the day? Caller ringtones. Seriously, today is the one day that I am glad they ever invented something so amazingly funny. I'd be Chinese for a while, turn Indian in a flash and Malay suddenly.

And here's one more thing I just don't get about humans. Why...honestly WHY would you get a cellphone is you were not going to pick it up when a call comes through? Don't put the blame on me though, I don't give up on the first ring. I'd call up TWICE or sometimes THREE times yet all I'm getting is a good "TODAY I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING" blasting out of the earpiece...yeah I wish I never had anything to do today too. So the one lesson I've learned today? Respect those telemarketers. They deserve better than our grunts and stupid complains that they are annoying. Yesiree, I have learned my lesson.

"Hello I'm Elie and I'm calling from IACT College in Jaya One. That is along Jalan Universiti in Petaling Jaya and my questions today is as such: Would you like to be shot in the head today? Clearly, I am not in a good mood because most of the people I rang up were either ignoring what I had to say or didn't understand anything because they didn't give two hoots about telemarketing calls. So listen, before I scream in your ear."

You did not just witness my violence. I'm nicer than that. I swear I am.

P/S: I got through one phone call where the mother scolded the son for not speaking on the phone properly though. Oh, how entertaining people could get.

I'm so horribly ticked off at this moment that the only thing I'd love to do is to stuff that stupid kid who is running around making stupid siren noises in a hole and taking a cane to smack him! Honestly, parents out there. Do you not discipline your child?! Do you not tell them that running around in a TINY and crowded cafe is wrong?! Do you not realize the shame they are bringing to you?! How your kid is bloody reflects how great a parent you are. And CLEARLY, you do NOT care.

Of course, given the fact that my father has been specifically strict with me, it is only natural that I am similar. You do NOT at ANY time allow a kid to run around screaming their heads off because it's a freaking nuisance to people who would like to just enjoy their Sunday break. Really, if your kid cannot shut up and walk around by your side, just leave them at home or bring them to some daycare or play zone. You do NOT at ANY time bring them into a mall or worst, a tiny Starbucks cafe that is crowded. Because then you not only prove that you do not spend any moments in life to educate them between right or wrong, you also prove that you fail as a parent. Do you feel no shame? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL SHAME?!

Sigh...the things I have to endure on an innocent Sunday evening. There's even some random guy who is modelling himself around with his new coat. And he's wearing basketball shorts. Talk about a fashion crisis. At least HE'S entertaining.
Now, as some of you may realize...the blog has been undergoing quite a number of constructions and they range from the header to the background colour and even to the name of the blog. No worries though, my URL will always remain as is because I would never forget the man who had inspired me to write once more.

Do bear with me as I go on a trial and error frenzy with my header as I am trying to put what I've learned in my second semester to good use. You may also notice that I am a horrendously horrible person when it comes to being creative. My world is full of boxes, lines and straight stuff. Curls don't do me well.

I love all you readers who have stuck through with me while everything happened and for those who has just come on board, WELCOME! The ride is rocky but I assure you that everything is an adventure before you reach your destination. All you haters out there, (no, I'm not replying with anything rude) I don't really care what you have to say. At least I have a life and I'm updating my blog with whatever I feel than going around with such anger at heart. Look who's crying now?

As promised, I'm about to get a little in touch with my emotional side after much hype about my food adventures. And who better to talk about grandparents?

It hurts to know that I only return to my hometown (is it even considered my hometown when I'm actually born and raised in KL?) about twice a year with a fair 6 month gap between each trip. Which means if I were to compile all the time I see my grandparents, it would add up to a fair 2 week period. In a year. That's 14 out of 365 days. The fraction is just drastic and yet those days are just an assumption. Additionally, we don't stay cooped up at home on all the days we're back so I guess my calculations has just gone down the drain.

I have this sudden urge to call myself as someone who is not filial and the guilt is just so much to consume. So just in case no one knows this (as if!) I'm just going to tell each and every single person of you out there, love your parents. Love your grandparents. Heck, love your whole family! Quit hating your sibling (I hate my brother! Hehehe...) and start kicking up some love!

And to my forever awesome grandparents who insists on feeding me till I look like some fat, sloppy pig...I love you guys. Om nom nom nom. No okay seriously...I love you guys. I'm going to go pick up the phone and actually say that now. Bye.
So my adventures has come to an end! I must say that I am actually feeling a little sad yet I'm glad at the same time. Just imagine the pounds I'd continue to put on if I were to be in Penang any longer... (I will NEVER fit in my shorts EVER again) but at the same time I do miss spending time with my dear grandparents (the emotional post comes later!) so I guess that fits the bill on why I'm having such mixed feelings.

Anyway, allow me to continue on the what is truly important. Food. The Penang adventures may have come to a halt yet the journey back to KAY-EL (I was truly tempted to have that as my post title) was just as satisfying as the one vice versa. And thus, we stopped by...Ipoh for food! Talk about returning to my roots. (My father is from Ipoh and my mum's from Penang but I'm a true KL girl. It kind of makes me 25% an Ipoh girl, 25% a Penangite and 50% a city girl. Buy the idea? If you don't, it's just too damn bad!)

So marvel at my horrible photography skills and keep drooling in the middle of the night hoping for a bite!

Ipoh's bean sprout! They are super fat, super crunchy and super yummy!

Ipoh "Lou Wong" 's chicken! Smooth and succulent to taste...

Ipoh "hor fun" that is amazingly smooth.

So as you could figure, we went off to the highly commercialized "Lou Wong Nga Choi Kai" at Jalan Yau Tet Shin for lunch. The "hor fun" with the chicken stock was quite bland but when you combine it with either the bean sprouts or the chicken alongside with the soy sauce, the oozing taste of awesomeness would be dancing by your taste buds! I kid you not, it was THAT good!

After a burping good meal that came up to RM 48.50 with drinks, we went along the road in search of Ipoh's "tau fu fah". Okay, so we didn't exactly "search" for it because we already knew the stall we would be heading to. It was none other than...Funny Mountain! 

The smooth and delicious "tau fu fah" from Funny Mountain at only RM 0.90 a bowl!

Needless to say, it was no funny business at Funny Mountain! The queue is usually really long but I suppose we went at an ideal time thus we got ours pretty fast. But fret not even if you happen to meet the rush hour. Their service is really quick and I'm sure you'll be served in no time too. It's a tiny corner store just by Jalan Theatre so keep your eyes open if you're really interested to seek for this place. Oh and by the way, they have a really cute opening hour. If you were to look at the signage, you'd notice that it says 10.30 am till "we finish". That's right! They do not have a designated closing hour but they go by finishing up their stocks. I suggest going early or you'd return with empty hands!

So ends my journey...but wait! I do have more pictures for you to drool over. I had forgotten to serve you with these pictures of my first day's eating habits! I apologize so badly but really, with all these food pictures, I had seem to misplace them for a bit but they are now found and thus uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Oyster omelette or fondly known as "o chien" in Penang. 

Will you PLEASE look at the size of those OYSTERS?!

Pork satay...(Many apologies to my Muslim readers!) - We ordered 30 sticks.

But clearly it wasn't enough. So we had to get 20 sticks more!

I really must apologize a million times to my Muslim readers for posting up pictures of pork but honestly, I can't please bear with me. You can find those yummy delicacies just along Jalan Air Hitam and you could look out for a Shell petrol station. A good way to look for this little coffee shop is to spot Asia Cafe along the same road just in front of the roundabout if you're coming from Jalan Bukit Bendera and to head to your 12 o clock direction on the roundabout. If you are coming along Jalan Sempadan, look out for a Nissan showroom right by the traffic light and turn right. When you see the Shell station, look out for a corner coffee shop that is crowded with a whole bunch of locals. It is opposite a tiny sundry shop. Happy searching. (Sorry about me giving directions. I am honestly horrible at it.)

P/S: What's a post without my loser poser face?

Here I am, snuggling with my Wystan. Yes, my angry bird is named after my boyfriend who is equally as grumpy. The only difference is, my boyfriend isn't red and does not have a beak. Otherwise, they're just the same. Oh, and my boyfriend's not so fat. He's on the way though. :P
Day 3!!! This is getting crazy!!! First off...I haven't had proper sleep for a while now. I do miss having a good night's rest but being here isn't too bad. The food thus far is just NYOM NYOM NYOM. I shall not further comment about how amazingly fat I've gotten for as long as I've been home. But that shall not stop me from showing you pictures of yummy food that I've been having!

So today my day started out around 11-ish and before we left home, we had called up the people to reconfirm that they were opened because when we had went there yesterday, they were closed. So where could this place be that we are so dedicated to grab a bite with them? I call it none other than...Line Clear Nasi Kandar!!!

My plate: cuttlefish and fish roes!!!

A nice drumstick. Yummers!

Daddy's roes, cuttlefish with fish, chicken, prawn and beef curry. IMAGINE THAT FOR A COMBINATION!

Dear brother's plate that was crazily invaded by ladies finger, cuttlefish, fish roes, fried chicken and drizzled with fish, chicken and prawn curry.

Are you tempted to murder me yet? Hmmm it was such a delicious nasi kandar haven today because we didn't have to fight the crowd possibly because it was the fasting month.

After the nasi kandar adventure, we headed on to just take a ride around town and the first place we visited was the Gurney beach. Boy, was I so bloody was all mud, dirt, debris and rubbish! The sea was there yet it was contaminated to the point that no fishes could possible be around there. Sigh. We then headed on to going on to going round Penang and somehow we found this amazing place called the Teluk Bahang dam (which got my dad and I into another laughing frenzy of finding another "dam" place) and I swear, that place is just as amazing as the Penang dam that we had discovered yesterday!

My darling parents posing at the dam.

The dam at a glance.

Of course, it didn't have the nature that wrapped the Penang dam but it was really windy right there. In fact it was so windy that it blew me a few steps back!!! And hey, it's NOT a joke okay? (I'm not THAT fat after all!!!)

Eventually we continued on our journey and in the middle of NO WHERE (lolx) we had found this little store called Titi Krawang Stall which sold fruits, fruits and more fruits. And so, we sat down and had some durians. (okay disclaimer here that I did NOT have any because I really cannot stand durians as a whole.) It takes a high level of tolerance to have fruits in this stall because loads of bees would come along and stick on the fruits you're having but no worries, the bees have never been to anything but fruits and flowers so they are absolutely safe!

The friendly uncle splitting open a durian!

Uncle giving it all!

Look at all the glory of the durian!

Uncle putting them in a box because we had packed them back for my grandparents.

This is the stall you'd like to keep a lookout for. It really is in the middle of no where, but just keep your eyes open for a stall that says "TITI KRAWANG STALL" with a huge banner that says "ORGANIC DURIANS"

According to the friendly uncle, their durians were "organic" but his idea of organic was that his durian trees were not sprayed with pesticides thus making it extremely healthy. Oh by the way, I do have to mention that when you feast right there, uncle would serve you with free mineral water! Talk about PR and service!
When my family finally finished with their crazy durian adventure, we continued on and adventured away into the Balik Pulau to have none other than...ASSAM LAKSA!!! Yes!!! What is a Penang trip without Assam Laksa?! You are never a real Penangite if you were to ignore the existance and temptations of Assam Laksa!

Om nom nom nom nom nom!!! Will you look at all that prawn paste?!

FRESH nutmeg juice! Such yummers!

"Ambra sui bui". Practically kedondong juice with sour plum.Go figure what that really is because there isn't a proper English name for this green and sour fruit.

Hmm hmm hmm...and the final food picture for today is just something simple and rather bland because we were all so freaking full from the whole day's food expedition...

"Ark bak kuey teow thng"
Okay, so I'm just being really's actually duck's meat with kuey teow thng! It's a Penang specialty and you hardly find it elsewhere.

So now that you've been tempted all night long, I shall just reward you with ONE camwhore picture and leave you alone. Good night, people!!!

Fatty after 3 days in Penang! :(

So now it's day two of me back in Penang and what's been happening so far has been...lots and lots of food. Which practically means I'm getting fatter by the moment and my waistline is probably screaming at me. How sad irritating. Anyway, I shall just cut things short and let you drool over my yummy foods stuffs.

Brunch @ Hutton Lane's Fook Cheow Cafe. T'was only RM 2.80 a bowl!

 Famous Cendol @ Penang Road. So awesome because it was a really hot day. RM 1.80 a bowl!
(There are two stores right in front of each other so if you're headed there, do look for the one that is RIGHT next to the corner coffee shop. Much yummier!)

A cute little chair we found at the Cendol store. Teehee!!!

 Mee goreng @ The Padang of Fort Cornwallis. RM 4 was a little pricey on Penang standard and when compared, I found it a little sweet. The regular store I visit was closed. :(

Penang's famous coconut jelly. Do look for the very original Joez Coconut Jelly. RM 3.70 per coconut. Jalan Datuk Keramat is where you'll want to be.

Look at that. It's practically no longer the coconut water...just JELLY!!!

Now of course, asides food...there are other things that we did. We went walking around here and there...and here are some stuffs for you to feast your eyes on before you decide to stab me for making you hungry in the middle of the night.

Francis Light at the entrance of Fort Cornwallis... :D

The fields...

 I see, you see, I see a ship!!!

The entrance tickets to Fort Cornwallis. It's only RM 2 per person, per entrance!

Tortoises at Kek Lok Si!!! cuteee!!!

Now let's give you a good break...and start telling you about what I did in the later evening. There's this place in Penang that not many people know about called... THE PENANG DAM!!! I'll just make it's a freaking awesome place!!! The scenery and the serene feel of the place is amazing. In fact, my family and I loved it so much that we walked around the WHOLE damn dam (hehehe my dad and I were talking about this non stop while walking) and it took around an hour's worth of impromptu exercise. But now that we've known about how amazing it is, we've decided to make time to go ahead and have a walk whenever we're back...just so we would go home and not have to buy new pants. Anyway, here we are with a few pictures for you...

It's a waterfall!!!

 Look at how clear the water is!!!

 It keeps flowing...

Non stop, babeh!

And all the water flows down to the dam...

The scenery all the way down!!!

The dam as seen from the lenses of my camera

Where the water comes from...

I have no explanations toward how amazing the place was. To was just breathtaking. It was wow. WOW!!!

Anyway, wait for my next update now...I don't think we'd be doing much...we're all pretty dead beat and tired. Oh and just before I leave, (hehehe) I'm going to show you a few camwhore photos of...ME!

It was crazy windy at Fort Cornwallis!!!

Very sunny too!!!

My brother dearest and I at the Burmese Temple along Pulau Tikus. :D